Nvidia GeForce NOW documentation reveals the stuff!A variety of 3A games are ready to go to the cloud

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According to foreign media “The Verge“Reported that Nvidia’s GeForce Now server unexpectedly released a list of thousands of games, which revealed that many games that have been on the market and not yet on the market will support the GeForce Now streaming service.

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The report pointed out that although Nvidia has urgently deleted the list from the GeForce NOW server, it also confirmed to The Verge that the games mentioned on the list do exist, but Nvidia also said that these undisclosed games are currently only used for Internal observation and testing, and several of these games are for reference only.

It is worth noting that many of the game lists released by GeForce NOW are ported games, such as the “God of War” series only sold on the Sony PlayStation platform, and Squarewell. The PC version of SQUARE ENIX “Final Fantasy VII Remake” (not yet available), Konami’s “Metal Gear Solid 2: Freedom Son HD”, “Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater HD”, Capcom “Evil Spirit Castle 4 Remake” and other well-known IP masterpieces.

In addition, in addition to porting games to many console platforms, there are also several unannounced 3A-level game masterpieces on the list, such as “Final Fantasy XVI”, “Monster Hunter 6”, “Army Breaking the Enemy 9”, and “BioShock 2022” , “Tekken 8”, “Quick Fight 6” and other game IDs.

The full list of games leaked by GeForce NOW can be found on the foreign technical forum “Github“View in.

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