NWA “Empowerrr” results & report from St. Louis, Missouri, USA from 08/28/2021 (incl. Voting + video of the pre-show)

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National Wrestling Alliance „Empowerrr“
Ort: Khorassan Ballroom at the Chase Park Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Date: August 28, 2021
Spectators: 843



Dark Match
Singles Match
Christi Jaynes won against Skye Blue via pin after a scooter.

Dark Match
Singles Match
Kenzie Paige vs. Paola Mayfield – no result known.
– The stream of the pre-show ended prematurely due to technical problems. The main show on FITE.tv started directly with the opening video and therefore the result of the match is not known.

After the opening video, Mickie James is in the ring. She thanks the fans and talks about hearing doubts from others that women’s wrestling can’t make money. Today one proves to the critics that this statement is wrong.

1. Match
3-Way Match
Diamante won against Kylie Rae and Chik Tormenta via pin to Chik Tormenta after a code red.

2. Match
NWA World Women’s Tag Team Tournament – Semifinals – Tag Team Match
The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) won against Hell On Heels (Renee Michelle & Sahara 7) via Pin and Renee Michelle after the Hexectution.

3. Match
NWA World Women’s Tag Team Tournament – Semifinals – Tag Team Match
Red Velvet & Kylinn King won against The Freebabes (Miranda Gordy & Jazzy Yang w / Hollywood Haley J) via pin to Jazzy Jang through Kylinn King to the Kingdom.

May Valentine interviewed The Hex backstage. The duo discuss his return to the NWA, and Allysin Kay says winning the title would mean a lot to her.

Gail Kim comes into the ring to the cheers of the fans in attendance and holds a promo. She talks about the history of women’s wrestling before being interrupted by Taryn Terrell, Paola Blaze and Jennacide. Terrell speaks while Blaze and Jennacide surround Kim. Terrell says the show is about her and it is going to be shown now. Before there is a physical altercation, Awesome Kong shows up! She handles Terrell’s companions and has a star down with Gail Kim. At the end there is a hug between the two of them and Kong talks about how she had a difficult year. Gail Kim as her greatest rival was the motivation for her to go into the ring again today. Kong declares her career over. The segment ends with applause for Kong, who can be celebrated with Gail Kim.

4. Match
Impact Wrestling Knockouts Championship
Singles Match
Deonna Purrazzo (c) gewann gegen Melina via Submission im Venus de Milo.

5. Match
NWA World Women’s Tag Team Championship – vakant
NWA World Women’s Tag Team Tournament – Finale – Tag Team Match
The Hex (Allysin Kay & Marti Belle) won against Red Velvet & Kilynn King via pin to Red Velvet after an assisted AK-47 -> Title change!

Before the start of the NWA World Women’s Championship Match, Mildred Burke was honored by the NWA. She is recognized as the first and true Women’s World Champion. There is applause and they present their title belt, which was considered the main title by the AJW.

6. Match
NWA World Women’s Championship
Singles Match
Kamille (c) won against Leyla Hirsch via pin after a spear.

Order in which the wrestlers entered the main event:
1) Chelsea Green
2) Kiera Hogan
3) Bianca Carelli
4) Thunderkitty
5) Jennacide
6) Lady Frost
7) Debbie Malenko
8) Jamie Senegal
9) Masha Slamovich
10) Tootie Lynn Ramsey

7. Match
NWA Women’s Invitational Cup – Gaunlet Match – Winner Receives Title Shot at 73rd Anniversary Show
Chelsea Green won against Bianca Carelli, Debbie Malenko, Jamie Senegal, Lady Frost (w / Pollo Del Mar), Jennacide (w / Taryn Terrell), Kiera Hogan, Masha Slamovich, Thunderkitty and Tootie Lynn Ramsey via stipulation.
Order of eliminations:
1) Bianca Carelli through Jennacide via pin after a swinging DDT.
2) Thunderkitty by Jennacide.
3) Lady Frost through Debbie Malenko via submission in an STF.
4) Debbie Malenko through Kiera Hogan via pin when Malenko put on a surfboard stretch against Green.
5) Jennacide by Masha Slamovich, Jamie Senegal and Chelsea Green.
6) Jamie Senegal by Masha Slamovich via Pin after a Package Piledriver.
7) Kiera Hogan by Masha Slamovich via pin to a Tower of Doom.
8) Masha Slamovich by Tootie Lynn Ramsey via pin after a hurricanrana.
9) Tootie Lynn Ramsey through Chelsea Green via pin after the unprettier.

The show goes off-air with a celebrating green.

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