NWA USA #17 results & report from Atlanta, Georgia, USA from 05/07/2022 (incl. video of the complete show)

Quelle: National Wrestling Alliance

National Wrestling Alliance „NWA USA #17″
Ort: GPB Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
First broadcast: May 07, 2022 on Youtube

Full Show

Today’s edition begins with an interview by May Valentine, who has Thom Latimer and Kamille on the mic. She asks Kamille about possible opponents for her NWA Women’s Championship. Kamille insults Valentine and says the division doesn’t offer a good challenger. Valentine wants to know more about his title ambitions from Latimer. Kamille interrupts her fiancé and says it’s finally time for him to win a title in singles.

Then it switches to the hall, where commentators Joe Galli and Velvet Sky greet the audience.

1. Match
Singles Match
Natalia Markova defeated Kenzie Paige via pin from a jackknife hold.
Match time: 04:05

Backstage, May Valentine interviews Kerry Morton. She questions him about his father Ricky Morton’s match against Wrecking Ball Legursky. Kerry says he worries about his father since Legursky is a heavyweight. Kerry doesn’t want his father to contest the match and instead wants to contest the match himself.

Kyle Davis welcomes BLK Jeez as a guest. He questions him about his past with NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion Homicide. Jeez talks about how Homicide was an idol for him and he was taken under his idol’s wing. Jeez says he knows Homicide’s strengths and weaknesses. That’s why he challenges him, because his time has now come.

In a 60-second video, NWA National Champion Jax Dane hypes himself. Dane talks about his achievements in the NWA and he says he’s every woman’s dream man.

Joe Galli and Velvet Sky are hyping a match for upcoming “Powerrr” statement. There, Jennacide, Chelsea Green and KiLynn King will face off in a 3-way match for No. 1 Contendership for the NWA Women’s Championship.

2. Match
Singles Match
Wrecking Ball Legursky defeated Ricky Morton via a powerbomb pin.
Match time: 04:33
– Prior to the finish, Kerry Morton came out and pulled his father out of the ring after being long in a bear hug by Legursky. He went outside and tried to attack Kerry, but Ricky Morton’s son dodged and Legursky ran into the ring post. Jay Bradley then came out and attacked Kerry Morton. The match in the ring ended shortly thereafter.

The show ends with fixers celebrating.

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