Nyom had to be sent off, possible penalty to Ansu Fati …

FC Barcelona barely managed to generate dangerous plays for David Soria’s goal this Saturday, especially in the second half, due to the strong defense and constant pressure of the azulones players. The problem is that, in addition to that good defense, Getafe benefited from some arbitration decisions that undoubtedly harmed Barça.

One of the clearest was the penalty indicated by César Soto Grado in the 55th minute, innocently committed by Frenkie de Jong. The Dutchman was late trying to clear the ball and contacted Djené, but that contact was so slight that it is difficult to think That the referee had it so clear just when he saw the play live, a few meters away.

Not only in that play Barça was harmed, but also with the constant loss of time of local players. In a corner, in a throw-in, in a goal kick, during a substitution … In any situation, Pepe Bordalás they practiced that anti-football that they like so much, and that they need so much to balance the lack of quality of their footballers in comparison with those of other clubs.

Special mention also for a possible penalty from Arambarri to Ansu fati in the absence of a few minutes until the end of the game. The Getafe midfielder swept the Barça attacker into the area, without even touching the ball, and the referee understood that it was a legal charge. The problem is that the contact was so strong and evident that it was surprising that the VAR did not notify the referee to review the action on the monitor.

How did Nyom end the match?

As for Nyom, he needs a separate paragraph. The Getafe defender devoted himself throughout the game to slapping and elbowing, the occasional insult and intimidation for the Catalans, and left the game with only a yellow card and playing the ninety minutes. When he received the card for a hard obstruction to Busquets in a backlash culé, that should have been his second warning. Because, in the first half, the referee did not punish with a card a strong elbow from Nyom to Messi in the face. And that the referee was very close …

Refereeing impunity hurts, and especially when he almost always plays against FC Barcelona in LaLiga Santander. Soto Grado’s refereeing was the best possible ecosystem for Getafe players to do and undo as they pleased. Dirty play to power, and well ahead of football. Is that what it is intended to make this League already full of controversial arbitrations?

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