Nyon and the Geneva Lions win

Diverse fortune for the French-speaking clubs during the 15th evening of the SB League. The Vaudois and the Genevans won, while Monthey and Boncourt lost. Logic was followed.

The Geneva Lions traveled to Neuchâtel on Saturday.

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The Geneva Lions traveled to Neuchâtel on Saturday.

The Lions of Geneva went to win on the floor of the Riveraine in Neuchâtel 60-67. During the first quarter ended on a 17-18, the two teams went blow for blow. Same scenario until halftime (31-31) and even until the end of the third quarter (44-45). Union and the Lions tied the game. But unlike their last match against Boncourt, the Genevans did not let go at the end of the game. They put the turbo 1’57” from the end, when the score was 56-59. The gap has slowly but surely increased to finally be seven points.

Nyon dominates Monthey

In his Rocher room, Nyon took over Monthey 78-73. Led by four points at halftime, 38-42, the Vaudois took time to come back. 15 minutes from time, they were still racing from behind (53-57). They finally turned things around late in the game with a final quarter won 25-16.

Massagno widens the gap in the 2nd period

In the last match of the day, Boncourt failed to resist Massagno. The Friborg Olympic dolphins in the standings won 78-97. Again, the difference was made in the second period, with Ticino who finished better with a 30-51. Or rather it was the Jurassians who completely missed each other, with for example a third quarter lost with a score of 9-26.

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