Nyon (VD): animals perish in a fire in La Plantaz


Residents had to be evacuated due to a disaster that occurred shortly before noon, at Chemin des Plantaz, in Nyon.

The damaged apartment was not occupied at the time of the incident.


Significant damage dyears a building located in Nyon, this Monday. A fire broke out in an apartment on the 1st floor of number 50 on Chemin des Plantaz. The firefighters were alerted at 11:28 a.m., indicates Pierre-Yves CorthIt’ssy, commander of the Nyon-Dôle Fire and Rescue Service (SDIS Nyon-Dôle).

Workers help residents

Arrived on the spot, the men of the fire noticed that the inhabitants taking refuge on a balcony of the 2nd floor had were rescued by workers working on a nearby construction site. These had evacuated the two tenants by a ladder.

The SDIS Nyon-Dôle had to secure the premises and access the stairwell, filled with smoke. «We were then able to enter the apartment concerned and proceed to extinguish the fire.», relates the officer. Other residents were evacuated and taken care of by four ambulances and transported to hospital for a check-up, after being inconvenienced by the fumes.

Uninhabitable dwellings

Pets, three cats and a dog, which were in the apartments on the 1st and 2nd floor, ont Unfortunately perished in the fire. The material damage is consequent, continues Pierre-Yves CorthIt’ssy. Six apartments were affected, two of which were destroyed.

The tenants of the other four will be able to return to their accommodation on Tuesday. SDIS Nyon-Dôle hired around fifteen men with six vehicles. Two police patrols, as well as ambulances, completed the device. TO note that the firefighters of Nyon had to intervene simultaneously for a kitchen fire on the Chemin d’Eysins at noon.


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