O Lebanese: Prepare for extreme heat… and beware of fires!

The Agricultural Scientific Research Authority reported that the heat wave is currently continuing, and will intensify on Tuesday, August 3 to August 13.

The wave will hit Lebanon and reach Greece, and temperatures may touch 40 degrees or more.

Strong winds will contribute to the rapid spread of fire. Because of the climate change, the fire season has changed its timing and became earlier than usual, and this is what the Research Department has warned about since early June.

She called on farmers “not to burn weeds in agricultural areas and to plow the lands that were planted with wheat and barley so as not to cause fires.”

She also called on the owners of poultry farms to “cool the farms to prevent chickens from hatching, and the owners of greenhouses work to cool them.”

She called on those concerned with landfills to “be aware that fermentation of organic materials may cause fires to start from them, and that waste dumped in various areas may be a source of fires.” She asked citizens “not to throw glass and waste in the woods.”

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