ÖAMTC on the new EU driving license directive: Committee report is far from being an EU law!

2023-09-19 15:31:12

Mobility Club expects a “realistic and contemporary solution” for mobile people

Vienna (OTS) In the current discussion about the planned EU directive for more safety in car traffic, the ÖAMTC gives the all-clear: “A committee report does not make a law,” says Bernhard Wiesinger, head of the ÖAMTC advocacy group. The ÖAMTC rejects the tightening of the EU Commission’s proposal that has now become known and is assuming a realistic and contemporary solution for mobile people.

Twtl. Maintain safe mobility – for young and old

“The tightening measures now being discussed in the media are based on a proposal from the chair of the EU committee. According to our information, there is no majority for these tightening measures either in the Transport Committee or in the plenary session. The responsible Federal Minister Gewessler has also spoken out clearly against this proposal. As the largest mobility club “We will, as before, closely follow developments and actively participate in the discussion. However, we assume that there will not be such restrictive restrictions for road users,” says Bernhard Wiesinger.

According to the ÖAMTC, the plans to divide driving license class B according to weight in the future or to introduce lower speed limits through the back door are impractical. The restriction on driving licenses from the age of 60 is also an “inappropriate restriction on people’s everyday mobile lives”. The EU Commission’s proposal stipulates that older people over 70 years of age should undergo a driving fitness test every five years in the future. However, this leaves the Member States leeway as to whether a mandatory test drive, a medical examination or a self-assessment is necessary in order to keep the driving license. “Now it’s about discussing effective measures for safe individual mobility and not restricting people in their everyday lives.”

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