OAS: Luis Almagro: “In Bolivia there was a coup d'etat when Evo Morales committed electoral fraud” | International

The Secretary General of the OAS, Luis Almagro, has celebrated on Tuesday with forceful resignation of Evo Morales and the role of the Armed Forces in the departure of the Bolivian leader. "In Bolivia there was a coup d'etat on October 20 when Evo Morales committed electoral fraud," Almagro said at the extraordinary session of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States that took place Tuesday in Washington. “The Army must act according to its mandate. No one has exceeded power so far, ”added the Uruguayan diplomat. In the room the Bolivian ambassador was not present before the multilateral organization, José Alberto Gonzales, who according to AFP, presented hours before his "irrevocable resignation" without specifying the reasons.

The different perceptions of what happened last Sunday in Bolivia were palpable from the first moment in the session. The US ambassador, Carlos Trujillo, was one of the first to take the floor to describe as "ridiculous" the idea that Morales was the victim of a coup d'etat, to which the delegation of Mexico, the country that has given political asylum to the South American leader, he responded immediately by maintaining that the pressure of the Armed Forces did set a serious breach of the constitutional order.

In the polarized session, a block of 15 countries signed a letter in which they avoided qualifying what had happened as a coup d'etat and called for the “provisional presidency” to be formed urgently according to the Bolivian Constitution and a new election to be called. In the text, signed by the US, Argentina, Peru, the Venezuela of Juan Guaidó, Ecuador, Colombia, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay, Chile, Canada, Brazil and Guatemala, acts of violence that undermine stability and violence are rejected. democracy. Trujillo said that "if there was a threat to democracy in Bolivia, it was that of the Government" of Morales.

The former Bolivian chancellor Diego Pary, who presented his resignation this Sunday, sent a letter to the multilateral agency in which he warned of the risk to the personal integrity faced by the dome of Morales. In addition, he requested the OAS to act immediately to contribute to the recovery of social peace. "We invite the inter-American commission on human rights to Bolivia so that it can verify the serious violations of human rights," he said in a letter read by a spokeswoman for the Bolivian delegation.

Almagro was harshly criticized by Mexico on Monday for its silence over what happened last Sunday in Bolivia. The agency issued hours after Morales' departure a brief statement in which he rejected "any unconstitutional exit" to the crisis and called "to pacification and respect for the rule of law." "In the face of events of this magnitude, the pronouncements of this organization should be more timely and forceful," said the Mexican ambassador, Luz Elena Bañado Rivas.

Nicaragua supported Mexico in its critical stance with the role of the OAS. "We denounce to the world the imperial intervening practices that have prevailed and prevail in the US and its satellite organizations," added the Nicaraguan delegation. The Uruguayan ambassador, Hugo Cayrús, also condemned, in another tone, what happened with Morales. "Let there be no doubt: this was, clearly, a civil, political and military coup d'etat."

The urgent session requested by Brazil with the support of several countries began with the details of the preliminary report of the OAS, in which "serious irregularities" were detected in the elections of October 20 that gave Morales the winner. The falsification of signatures, irregular acts or a vitiated voting system were some of the findings of the electoral audit. They recommended repeating the elections with a new electoral tribunal and under the observation of international organizations. Evo Morales, while still serving as president, agreed to hold new elections, but hours later the Armed Forces "suggested" him to resign and, claiming to be a victim of a coup, Morales resigned.

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