Obama and Springsteen make a podcast together

Former US President Barack Obama and rock star Bruce Springsteen created a podcast together: ­Renegades: born in the USA.

In ­Renegades: born in the USA The Boss and the ex-boss talk about American society and their own lives. Two of the eight episodes are already online, on the streaming service Spotify.

The news was the centerpiece of Spotify’s first major press conference in nearly three years. The company promised, among other things, better integration between music and podcasts and a ‘Hi-Fi’ subscription for those who want to stream in higher quality.

It was striking that Spotify is announcing a wave of expansion to 80 new countries, which means that the service will be active in 180 markets. South Korea is the most important unexplored market, but countries such as Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Fiji and Laos will also gain access. With this, Spotify is responding to a concern of investors: now that streaming has matured in the core markets of pop music, the question arose where the service could still grow.


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