Obama at Lanz: Charisma meets friendliness

EIn true coincidence, it cannot be that, at the same time as Donald Trump was voted out of office, his predecessor Barack Obama is again pushing more publicity. The first part of his memoir was published just in time for the election. A few days earlier, supporters were enthusiastic about a brief appearance by Obama in a sports hall. The passionate basketball player threw a three-point throw into the basket (“without touching the ring”, as he was loudly pleased afterwards), hit, drifted slightly to the right in the jump, danced out of the picture with a smile and delighted the audience in the social Media.

Philipp Krohn

Editor in business, responsible for “People and Business”.

The way Obama is loved for his style, charisma and subtle self-irony sometimes has irrational traits. They stand in sharp contrast to the egocentric, often clumsy appearance of the former entrepreneur Trump. Obama was an exceptionally reflective, deliberative President, as he proved on Thursday evening in an interview with Markus Lanz on ZDF.

Unlike his sometimes emotionally exaggerated supporters, he always saw the Nobel Peace Prize, which was awarded very early, as a burden. He has also often problematized its downright panic-inducing effect on people in the Midwest with less education, decency, etiquette and understanding for women and minorities. But sometimes the fans seem to forget that Obama is also a master of staging. Obama weighed up many of his political decisions again in the interview.

Above all, Lanz wants to work out the personal dimension

Lanz’s questions were aimed – and that’s perfectly fine for a late night tabloid talk – primarily on a personal level. The contrast to Trump takes up a little too much space in the half-hour conversation. But even in the English-language interviews of the past few days, Obama has not been asked twice to list the deficits of the Republican loser in the election. Anyone who has read the lengthy conversation in “The Atlantic” magazine, for example, already knew set pieces. Obama neatly distributed his anecdotes from the nearly 800-page book.


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