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A tweet by Japanese Communist Party Chairman Kazuo Shii on March 19th discusses the attack on collaboration, which is a backlash against progress towards gender equality. Shii suggests solidarity in repelling this countercurrent. The Red Flag Newspaper also published an article titled “Young women support project: protect your activities from despicable interference.” The article recognizes doubts surrounding the contract with Colabo and four other organizations in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly.

Founder of 2channel Hiroyuki Nishimura objected to Shii’s tweet, arguing that the young women’s support project in the city where collaboration receives taxes is against the rules. Nishimura also posted an article in ZAKZAK, suggesting that the Tokyo Metropolitan Government violated contract procedures, with the contract fee to Colabo being 26 million yen.

Some criticized Shii’s tweet and article, mentioning the potential danger in changing the story and questioning Shii’s response to suspicions.

On March 19, Japanese Communist Party Chairman Kazuo Shii posted on Twitter

《The essence of the attack on collaboration is a backlash that dislikes the progress of gender equality such as the establishment of the Women’s Support Law and aims to preserve discrimination against women and sexual exploitation. Let’s raise our voices in solidarity and repel the countercurrent.”

and the Red Flag Newspaper

Young women support project Protect your activities from despicable interference

I extracted the last part of the article and tweeted it.

Regarding the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s project to support young female victims, several members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, including Shinichiro Kawamatsu, questioned it, and it was pointed out that there were doubts about the contract with Colabo and other four organizations in the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. It is a development that is reported on one side.

Reference article:
Tokyo Metropolitan Assemblyman Shinichiro Kawamatsu “Evidence that Tokyo Metropolitan Government has started to recognize it as an important issue for Tokyo Metropolitan government.” On the front page of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Newspaper, “Doubts about contracts to support young women.” A new development in the Colabo/WBPC issue?

An article in the Akahata Shimbun and a tweet by Chairman Shii seem to cover up such facts. Both have received a lot of criticism online.

Hiroyuki objects to Chairman Shii’s tweet

Hiroyuki Nishimura, the founder of 2channel, quoted Shii’s tweet.

The young women’s support project in the city where collaboration receives taxes is against the rules. When you say “reverse the flow”, do you mean to ignore the violation of the rules? I think it’s a matter of course in a law-abiding country to correct the use of tax money for violation of rules.

and “ZAKZAK”

Tokyo’s young women’s support project violates rules in contract procedures Contract fee to Colabo is 26 million yen The welfare and health bureau did not receive the necessary delegation of authority The finance bureau acknowledges the question from the Liberal Democratic Party’s Kawamatsu

I posted a link to the article and tweeted.
Against this
“It’s too dangerous for the party leader to change the story.”
“It’s interesting that you can see where the guidance is.”
“Shii-san, what are you going to do by answering the suspicions yourself…lol”
It seems that comments such as

*Image from Twitter

In conclusion, the controversy surrounding the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s young women’s support project continues to spark debate and criticism from various individuals and sources. Japanese Communist Party Chairman Kazuo Shii’s tweet and the Akahata Shimbun’s article have been accused of overlooking important facts and have received backlash online. On the other hand, Hiroyuki Nishimura and ZAKZAK have raised concerns about the project’s contract procedures and allocation of tax money. As this issue continues to unfold, it remains to be seen what actions will be taken by those involved and how the public will respond.

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