Objective Rest of the World: Giuseppa considered too violent and hysterical in the show, she reacts for the first time

In the last episodes of Objectif Rest of the World, Giuseppa clearly went crazy. It must be said that with her complicated relationship with Simon, the young woman is lost … So the slightest annoyance provokes the anger of Giuseppa. And for Internet users, the pretty brunette is a little too violent, see “hysterical and badly brought up”. Unable to respond to the comments of Internet users, as she was on the set of Marseille vs the rest of the world 6, Giuseppa wanted to explain his behavior on the show. A video that we suggest you discover a little further down in this article.

On his Snapchat story, Giuseppa explains that in filming, it’s very complicated to manage your emotions. The lack of fatigue plays a big part and she admits to having been on the nerves during this adventure. Notably because of the feelings she had for Simon, but also because she sometimes had the impression of being misunderstood. Giuseppa also explains that in everyday life, she does not behave. And she admits that when she watches the episodes, she scares herself! In addition, be aware thatIllan ranted against the Objectif Reste du Monde candidates.

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