Occam Agencia Digital prepares its technological development arsenal for 2021

What partner Platinum the HubSpot y Inbound Marketing agency in Madrid, Occam Agencia Digital is a specialist in the application of a key marketing methodology for today’s business world. Following the principles of the Inbound model, it helps with attracting potential customers by creating valuable content and tailor-made experiences throughout the 3 stages of the sales funnel: attract (capture the attention of the right audience with valuable content) , interact (offer solutions and information that take into account the needs) and delight (help customers achieve success through their purchase).

Occam Agencia Digital is confident of business growth through meaningful and long-lasting relationships with prospects, consumers, and clients. As the Inbound Marketing philosophy marks, to receive, you must first give. In this way, you create content of all kinds for your clients (videos, posts, infographics, e-books, white papers, etc.) that allow your prospects to obtain value at all stages of their purchase journey.

And of course, all this multi-format content would be meaningless if it does not revolve around the online presence of brands. Having a scalable, flexible and business goal-oriented website is the first step to building fame and visibility. And not only that, but a website is also the core of the marketing strategy, the tool for generating leads or sales opportunities and the landing strip for visitors.

For this reason, at Occam they work on the digital marketing strategy from the base, helping brands in the development of their website as well as with other technological products through their software factory:

– Custom APIs to create functional integrations with other systems.

– Backoffices to digitize and automate processes.

– Custom websites as the main showcase for companies.

– Web development with the HubSpot CMS for those who need a comprehensive Inbound Marketing development service.

– Native mobile applications for Android and iOS, using native languages ​​depending on the operating system.

– blockchain, the technology that is revolutionizing the market through asset tokenization, cryptocurrency development, and much more.

As an example of how this Software Factory works, Occam has begun to create its own products, highlighting the development of the first Spanish startup shuttle to invest with blockchain. It receives the name of The Rosette and it is a technological bet through which entrepreneurs in search of financing and investors who need profitability can meet. The project works with Utility Tokens and is supported by the Inbound Marketing agency’s own team as well as by a group of external professionals from the sector.

Technology and development are part of the vision of the future. What’s more, they are the backbone of automated marketing with which companies reach their full potential. Therefore, the team of Occam Agencia Digital is committed to a firm commitment to technological development for this 2021.


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