Occupation of ICU in the Valley is “almost at the top of capacity”: Secretary of Health

Enero 18, 2021 – 06:51 p. m.
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The occupation of the Intensive Care Units in Valle del Cauca is “almost at the top of capacity,” said María Cristina Lesmes, the department’s health secretary, this Monday.

The official said that at this time the occupation is higher than 96%.

“We are looking, again, to scale patients to low and medium complexity and look for beds (ICUs) outside the department,” explained Lesmes.

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Manizales and Armenia, he stated, would be some of the cities that would receive patients from Valle del Cauca.

“We are collapsed. We need the solidarity and collaboration of people,” he argued.

Lesmes asked the patients’ relatives for understanding about transfers to other cities and the transition to medium-complexity care to accommodate those who are waiting.

Occupation of ICU in Cali

The Secretary of Health of Cali, Miyerlandi Torres, affirmed that, until this Monday, the ICU occupancy is between 95% and 97%.

“It is pertinent to continue under a red alert. In addition, in recent days we have had an increase in the number of cases and deaths,” he added.

Cali reported 16 deaths from covid-19 this Monday.

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