OCRTIS (again) dismantles an international network

Drug trafficking: OCRTIS dismantles (again) an international network

Without the vigilance of the defense forces, Senegal would become a hub of international traffic. Not a day goes by without a drug seizure. Last week, it was from Kédougou that the Central Office for the Repression of Illicit Trafficking in Narcotics (OCRTIS) put an end to a vast international network of drug trafficking whose brain is in Kayes, Mali.

According to the daily L’AS which spreads the information in its delivery of the day, it all started with a seizure of 10 kg of hemp by the men of the central police station from the hands of a certain Minteh. The investigation entrusted to OOCRTIS agents will reveal that Minteh was only a small link in a vast chain. The individual came to the table giving the name of his supplier and his modus operandi.

The latter operated from Kayes by conveying the drugs from Diyabougou, via a pirogue who delivered the goods to a driver in Jakarta. Which was in charge of dispatching throughout the sub-region. The insight of the sleuths helped secure another 28 kilograms, bringing the seized booty to 38 kilograms. The boatman, the motorcycle taxi driver and Minteh were all imprisoned for international drug trafficking.

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