Octavio Ocaña’s girlfriend will do the ceremony the day they planned to get married

The death, in confusing facts, of Octavio Ocaña on October 29 is still being investigated, despite the fact that the police and the prosecution of Mexico they assured in a report that the actor’s death was an accident.

However, Ocaña’s family accuses the authorities of murder and has made sure that the investigation is not completed. In the meantime, They try to remember Benito from ‘Neighbors’ every day.

Recently, Nerea Godínez, Octavio’s girlfriend and fiancée, assured that her boyfriend’s spirit has manifested itself to her and the family on a couple of occasions.

Now, in the program ‘Sale el sol’, Godínez revealed that you are going to organize a ceremony for the day you planned to get married with the young actor.

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“On those dates it will be celebrated, something will be done in the name of what would have been the wedding. Some meeting with the family, as if it had been, but obviously not a giant party, so that that day remains marked, “said Godínez, who was criticized when he announced that he was going to marry Octavio Ocaña, just a few months after having started their courtship.

In dialogue with the same program, Nerea Godínez said that she and the family Octavio’s clothes will be donated to make stuffed animals, to give them away and honor the memory of the actor.

We are going to start distributing things and making stuffed animals and little things so they can be rescued. I have a contact that makes stuffed animals, you give them clothes and they make stuffed animals with those clothes and they make you little bears or dogs ”, ended in ‘Sale el sol’ who would have been Octavio Ocaña’s wife.


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