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October DPS Solidarity Income: link and how to check if I am a beneficiary in Movii

The Department of Social Prosperity and the National Government, They continue to find solutions for the beneficiaries of Ingreso Solidario, who have had problems with collecting the 160,000 pesos per month. Une of the applications that has helped the most is Movii, especially for people who were not banked.

The DPS recently confirmed the platforms and authorized banks that already carry out the seventh payment of the Ingreso Solidario benefit. One of them is Movii. This application has a card with which you can make withdrawals at Servibanca ATMs. For the most vulnerable families in remote municipalities of the country, these applications have been important.

How to check if I am a beneficiary in Movii?

The Movii application has several beneficiaries of Solidarity Income, For this they created a link where you can see if it is part of the benefit provided by the National Government and the DPS. You must enter your identity document number, citizenship card or Special Permit of Permanence (PEP). Check here if they will pay you the help in Movii.

There they indicate if you will receive the benefit in Movii or you should go to the Solidarity Income page to see which entity will be in charge of paying you. To consult the official page you must enter Ingresosolidario.prosperidadsocial.gov.co.

In addition, they indicate that if you are a beneficiary, you must download the application on your cell phone, register with the phone number and 24 hours later you will be able to see your contribution. If you have problems or have doubts, you should send the word HELP to 87709 and there you will receive the relevant guide.

What other apps are there to check out?

The other applications confirmed by the National Government are: Daviplata, Savings at Hand The nequî. Daviplata recently reported that As of Friday, October 23, the delivery of this new aid of 160,000 pesos will begin for those who use this option to withdraw the money from the Solidarity Income.

All against the coronavirus

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Likewise, the Ministry of Health developed an application for the cell phone that allows you to follow what is happening with COVID-19 in the country. CoronaApp is available for free for download on Android and iOS devices.

And remember, stay home!

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