Oculus massively recalls its Quest 2

The designer of virtual reality headsets, warned since last December of the presence of an irritant substance in the foam of its Oculus Quest 2, has just announced the recall of its VR devices, the suspension of their marketing and the replacement of the silicone foam coating.

Last December, Oculus … finally its parent company Facebook, reported having received complaints from some users of the Oculus Quest 2. Indeed, “ 0,01% “Of users were victims” skin irritation ». The company conducts its little investigation and recognizes in April to have “ identified some traces of substances normally present in the manufacturing process that could contribute to skin discomfort “. Nothing dangerous eh!

Moreover, according to Andrew Bosworth, the boss of Facebook Reality Labs, these doses are present “ at levels below industry standard “. But, “out of caution” as our English-speaking friends say so well, Oculus has modified its manufacturing processes to further reduce the content of this potentially irritating product. ” With these changes, we believe that users are even less likely to experience irritation resulting from substances present in the foam facial interface. Andrew Bosworth wrote.


At the time, Facebook had not felt obligated to take other measures regarding the foam of the Oculus Quest 2. No doubt the smell of a class action has been felt since then since Andrew Bosworth has taken over. the feather this week to announce the launch of a brand new silicone cover that will replace the old foam. In addition, there is a voluntary recall program for these in cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada.

In doing so, the marketing of the virtual reality headset is interrupted. ” From August 24, all Quest 2 headsets will come with a silicone cover included in each box “Warns the person in charge of virtual reality at Facebook who specifies that the silicone cover will be provided free of charge to” anyone who already owns a Quest 2 or a Fit Pack ».

It reminds us all the same that the irritation caused by the residues contained in the foam are rare and harmless. Dermatologists and toxicologists ” leading “Called to the rescue by the company also believe that” skin irritation can occur in some segments of the population from many household items, even things like tomatoes or shampoo ».

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