Oculus Quest 2 64GB or 256GB: which model to choose?

Here we are, it is today on October 13, 2020 that the Oculus Quest 2, the new version of Facebook’s autonomous virtual reality headset, officially comes out.

If since this weekend, our full review of the Oculus Quest 2 allows you to get an idea of ​​what this new VR headset is worth, a question remains if you have decided to take the plunge. The 64 GB model at 349 € is it sufficient or is it necessary to invest an additional 100 € to acquire la version 256 Go ?

Before giving you our opinion, you should know that on this memory space, 11.3 GB are already reserved for the system. The Oculus Quest 2 64 GB therefore only has 52.7 GB actually available while the model 256 GB has 240.6 GB free . Knowing this, we can move on to a second important point, how heavy is an Oculus Quest game? So allowing to imagine how many games can be installed.

If each game occupies a different space, here are a few with the space they occupy:

  • Arizona Sunshine – 4,15 Go
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners : 3,38 Go
  • Onward – 2,75 Go
  • Moss – 2,67 Go
  • In Death Unchained – 1,52 Go
  • Rez Infinite – 0,7 Go
  • Superhot VR – 0,6 Go
  • Beat Saber – 0,5 Go

If we therefore make an average of 3 GB per game, it is therefore possible to install more than 17 games on the Oculus Quest 2 in its 64 GB version. If you wish to record videos or screenshots, this number will be obviously less important. As for the largest model, nearly 80 games could be installed before saturating the available memory.

If, however, you run out of space, remember that the games you buy are linked to your Facebook account and that you can temporarily uninstall them to make space and then reinstall them later.

Knowing all this, we therefore estimate that the Oculus Quest 2 version 64 GB will be enough for 95% of players. On the other hand, as we mentioned in our test, it may be worth investing in the Elite strap which provides much greater comfort for “only” 49 €.

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