Oculus unveils Quest 2, a more powerful and comfortable virtual reality headset

It could well be the virtual reality (VR) headset that finally makes this still confidential hobby take off. Despite several leaks in recent days, Oculus unveiled this Wednesday the contours and characteristics of its Quest 2, the successor to its first autonomous headset released last year.

No need for a powerful PC to run immersive games: the Quest 2 comes with a mini Snapdragon XR2 specially manufactured by Qualcomm for smooth VR images. Oculus, owned by Facebook, claims a screen with “+ 50% pixels” and a refresh rate that can reach 90Hz in some configurations.

Our first grip revealed a real difference in the graphics where certain games, already tested on the Quest, take on more depth and become more fluid. This sensation is also probably explained by the 6 GB of onboard RAM, against 4 GB for the first version.

Our gaming session lasted almost 2 hours before the Quest shut down. The Touch controllers have seen a slight adjustment with larger triggers and an extended contact patch around the buttons.

Oculus unveils Quest 2, a more powerful and comfortable virtual reality headset

The Quest 2 was designed to take advantage of advances in “hand tracking”, the detection of hands, in order to indulge in the near future to games without any controller.

The attachment straps have been reworked and generally less tighten the back of the skull, while maintaining the helmet on the eyes despite sudden movements. A lens adjustment mechanism also provides additional comfort.

The Quest 2 weighs 10% less than its predecessor, or 503 g which are finally forgotten quite well after several tries.

This VR headset is obviously compatible with 200 titles that were already running on its predecessor, but also comes with exclusive games – because more greedy – on licenses like Medal of Honor or Star Wars. These opuses should arrive just in time for the holiday season.

What to encourage the purchase of Quest 2 in 64 GB version at 349 euros or the version with 256 GB of storage at 449 euros. Pre-orders begin this Wednesday and it will be in stores on October 13.

Too bad, however, that it is now necessary to have a Facebook account in order to benefit from all the features of this new model.

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