of federations want to abolish the kilometer rule for outdoor sports

Published on : 19/11/2020 – 16:13

In France, federations and associations concerned with individual physical activity outdoors sign a forum entitled “For the health of all: limit contacts rather than outings” to ask the French government to relax the kilometer rule in force . Indeed, as during the first confinement, citizens are allowed to play sports outdoors for one hour a day, less than a kilometer from their homes.

« While the second lockdown could last longer than the first, let’s allow citizens responsible access to individual physical activity outdoors. The use of cycling, walking and running are issues of public health, both physical and mental! », Can we read in the gallery.

Or : ” Our organizations are […] vigilant in taking overall health into account, which necessarily includes access to regular physical activity, essential for physical and mental health, and which strengthens the immune system. We would therefore like to remind you that the WHO recommends continuing physical activity during the pandemic.. »

« We do not question the fact of being able to go out for only an hour »

« This forum is centered on the issue of the kilometer but we do not question the fact of being able to go out for only one hour because we are in confinement », Declared to RFI Michel Callot, President of the French Cycling Federation. ” I am afraid that this kilometer will dissuade people from going for sports and especially cycling. And I’m also worried that it will make the environment more dangerous and less suitable. We would like to jump this kilometer limit to make the sport easier outdoors », He specifies.

For the moment, if the government plans to resume club sport for children, the federations still have no visibility for adults. Hence the current demand.

The federations which signed this manifesto note that during the first confinement, ” the French gained 2.5 kg of weight on average “. And health professionals have found “ deterioration in psychological health »Directly linked to confinement.

The signatories indicate that ” individual practice outdoors exposes little to the virus “. Michel Callot testifies that of the 3,500 cycling races organized after the first confinement on French territory, none has been the subject of a “cluster”. ” I am worried about the coming period because it is a major issue for licensing in our federation », He adds.

« We understand the need to limit exits as much as possible, but only in order to avoid regrouping. Thus, the distance restriction seems totally counterproductive to us. », Concludes the manifesto.

A request had already been made a few days ago by 45 deputies who had sent a letter to Roxanna Maracineanu, Minister responsible for Sports, to demand the end of this restriction.


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