of traders break the law to maintain their business

During the second confinement, showing an apartment is strictly prohibited. Nevertheless, some professionals take liberties with the law. France Télévisions went to a building, where a real estate agent is organizing illegal visits. In 1h30, eight individuals follow one another in T2; the officer assumes to break the law without fear of penalties. “I allow myself to do it, because we have to do the job well, we have no choice. We have already been confined for two months, she confides. We have owners who need to rent too. “

Real estate agents, but also masseurs or hairdressers. On the Internet, there are hundreds of advertisements for illegal home services. France Télévisions contacted a beautician; she advances her need for money. “I receive at my home, she admits. You have to eat well at the end of the month, that’s why I continue my performances like this. “ Offenders risk a fine of 135 euros if caught in the act.

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