of users complain about compatibility issues with 4K HDR

Strange bugs appear with 4K HDR definition on PS5. Certain audio / video equipment seems to be involved – a list is also available. But the fact that the problem does not exist on either PS4 Pro or Xbox Series X raises surprising incompatibilities of the PS5 with certain equipment that may complicate its use.

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Want to play in 4K HDR with your PS5 and your brand new home cinema system? If you are lucky, no problem, but if not … Many PS5 owners are unable to play in 4K HDR with their equipment.

The television screen remains black, and to find something usable, the victims of the problem do not have to no choice but to switch to 1080p or turn off HDR. Convenient.

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PS5 in 4K HDR: not all home cinema equipment is eligible

Quickly, solutions were found. On some televisions, it is indeed necessary be sure the console is plugged into an HDMI port that supports 4K HDR, which is not necessarily the case for all the locations on the back of the device.

In some cases you have to go to the menus to enable enhanced HDMI 2.1. But in other cases, no luck, despite all the goodwill in the world, the operation of the 4K HDR mode remains impossible.

In the wake of the first reports, it was quickly discovered that the problem was in fact related to certain Home Cinema equipment. In some configurations, you have to connect the HDMI socket to a sound bar.

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However, it seems that some models are equipped with a puce HDMI Panasonic which turns out to pose compatibility problems with the PS5. The following list of devices are known to cause problems with the PS5’s 4K HDR definition. Surprisingly, there are two Sony projectors in this list:

  • LG SJ9 Soundbar
  • LG SK10Y Soundbar
  • LG SK9Y Soundbar
  • LG SL9Y Soundbar
  • LG SL8YG Sound Bar
  • Samsung K950 sound bar
  • Samsung JS8500 TV
  • Philips Hue Ambilight system
  • AV Pioneer VDX-LX102 Receiver
  • Sony VPL-VW285ES projector
  • Sony VPL-VW385ES projector
  • Ampli-tuner AV Sony STR-DN1070
  • Ampli-tuner AV Denon AVR-S730H
  • Atomos Ninja Inferno Recorder

What is very frustrating is that the 4K HDR definition works perfectly well with this equipment and the PS4 Pro. as well as the Xbox Series X. At this stage we still do not know whether or not Sony can fix the problem via a software patch.

The only solution to play in 4K HDR anyway is for the moment to connect the console directly to your television, and possibly to use the ARC function to redistribute the sound on your home cinema system.

Source : Forbes

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