Office of the President Na Gyeong-won Measures against low birth rate Comprehensive checks and checks on the challenge of party authority

尹 “Respond appropriately”… Draw a line on ‘political interpretation’ despite the unusual emergency briefing

On the 6th, the Office of the President announced on the 6th that Na Gyeong-won, vice chairman of the Low Birth Rate and Aging Society Committee, proposed a ‘loan cancellation’ plan as a countermeasure against low birth rates, saying, “There is a significant difference from the related policy stance of the Yoon Seok-yeol administration.”

Senior Secretary for Social Affairs Ahn Sang-hoon said at a briefing at the Yongsan Presidential Office that afternoon, “The policy direction of canceling or exempting loans according to the number of children announced by Vice Chairman Na Gyeong-won is his personal opinion and has nothing to do with the government’s policy.”

It is known that Ahn’s briefing was conducted urgently in conjunction with a staff meeting.

It means that the president’s office responded with such urgency.

It also seems to contain the will of President Yoon Seok-yeol.

A high-ranking official in the presidential office explained, “There was a flood of questions from related ministries, and I raised the content to the president as an important agenda and said, ‘I need to clarify my position'” and “he told me to respond appropriately.”

At the New Year’s meeting the previous day, Vice Chairman Na Kyung-won mentioned the case of Hungary, saying, “We are looking into whether there is a part of the principal that can be forgiven a little more boldly.”

I mentioned Hungary’s unconventional childbirth support policy in press interviews before.

If you get married, you will get a loan of 40 million won, and if you give birth to your first child, it will be converted to interest-free, and part of the principal will be forgiven when you give birth to the second child and the entire amount will be forgiven when you give birth to the third child.

Although Chief Ahn explained, “I stood here to inform you of the situation after a lot of inquiries came in after Vice Chairman Na Kyung-won’s press conference yesterday,” but it is noteworthy that the senior staff of the Presidential Office drew a line from the idea of ​​influential people in the passport with a real-name briefing. .

The position that it is a populist policy that is difficult to accept by the Yoon Seok-yeol government, which is distancing itself from ‘cash welfare’, was conveyed to Vice Chairman Na Gyeong-won, but as it was publicly mentioned at the New Year’s meeting, it was known that the President’s office began to evolve directly.

Separately, it is expected that a political interpretation will come out in line with the situation in which Vice Chairman Na Gyeong-won, a former member of the fourth term and who has high public awareness, is being discussed running for the representative of the People’s Power 3/8 National Convention.

According to a KBC report, former lawmaker Na said in the recording of the ‘Yeouido First Seat’ that day, “Recently, while watching the party convention, I have deepened my concerns about whether it is right to just watch the game.”

An official from the presidential office drew a line on political interpretations related to the race for party power, saying, “I don’t think it’s time to talk about political things.”

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