official, the 2021 Mavericks landed in Charlotte tonight

We had been waiting for him since an injury during the last Playoffs which completely changed a badly embarked series of the Clippers, and Kristaps Porzingis therefore made his return, five months later. The future will tell if the Unicorn of the Mavs has finally become solid, but one thing is certain: with their European duo operational together, Dallas simply changes category.

Oh they did not become the Lakers eh, Luka only planned to dethrone LeBron in NBA history in fifteen years, and Anthony Davis still having in 2021 a Kristaps in each thigh. But all the same. We are talking about a baby almost triple-double average since his year 1 or almost, capable of changing not the destiny of a franchise but the entire NBA. We talk alongside him of a still very young giraffe, a 2m20 critter who runs like a Jamaican sprinter and who snips like a Stephen Curry on a steroid, this doublet of another kind being coached, not to spoil anything, by one of the best tacticians and leaders of men in the League for more than twenty years. And it doesn’t matter if you’re surrounded by Pierre, Paul, Dorian or Boban, the simple superposition of two talents of this kind is enough to make your team a contender. Walk after walk eh, we said that they were still young, the Loulous, but the return of the Latvian interior last night has in any case laid the foundations for the rest of the season in Dallas.

An easy victory, against an opponent well within the reach of the Mavs certainly, but the hopes of great victories which return as quickly as they collapse each time it is… Kristaps which collapses. Very quickly Luka who takes his baton of brilliant conductor, very quickly Porzi who pulls out of the parking lot, and finally that’s all we wanted to see tonight. Finally ? 21 minutes to see the ghost frolic for 16 points, 6 rebounds, 2 blocks and a small 4/9 from Riga, while Luka Doncic will graze the triple-double with a small 34/13/9 but a tenth pass forbidden by the Hornets decided to piss him off at the end of the match.

Is this the most important? Obviously not, moreover the evening when the most European-futuristic doublet of the NBA was finally reunited after more than 150 days of separation. We’re going to watch it very closely now, touch wood a little bit, too, and sure that these Mavs will climb one or two steps in the Western hierarchy very quickly as long as the two kitties are in basketball the same evening. They haven’t arrived the Mavs, eh, but they’re – at least – on the right track.

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