Officially married, this is the dowry given by Sule to Nathalie Holscher

Sule and Nathalie Holscher are officially married. Screenshot of YouTube / Rans Entertainment, JAKARTA – Comedy Close and Nathalie Holscher officially became a married couple, Sunday (15/11).

The second marriage was held in an open space in the Jatisampurna area, Bekasi, West Java.

This wedding moment coincided with Sule’s birthday. The father of four children was seen wearing a gray coat with a white shirt without a cap.

Meanwhile, Nathalie wore a wedding dress in the same color as Sule, holding a bouquet of flowers.

All of Sule’s children from his previous marriage to Lina Jubaedah were also present, namely Rizky Febian, Putri Delina, Rizwan and Ferdinand.

Sule’s children were also seen carrying items their father gave them for their new mother.

Sule sounded smooth in saying the marriage consent. The dowry that Sule gave was in the form of gold jewelry weighing 75 grams, Rp. 200 million and a set of prayer kits to Nathalie.

“Alhamdulillah, it is valid,” said the audience who witnessed the marriage ceremony.(chi / jpnn)

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