Offshore wind power generation-Green hydrogen production business ‘cruising’

[월간수소경제 이종수 기자] It is noteworthy that the ‘propulsion offshore wind power generation-green hydrogen production project’ in the sea area about 12 km east of Shinyang Port, Chuja-myeon, Jeju-si is being promoted smoothly.

Jeollanam-do has been promoting offshore wind power generation-green hydrogen production project since March last year, with a total investment of KRW 9 trillion (KRW 6 billion per 1 MW) of offshore wind power generation capacity of up to 1.5 GW (3 branches of 500 MW each). It is a project to build 100 15MW class wind power generators on a scale and produce hydrogen at an offshore water electrolysis facility using the power produced by the wind power generator.

Promotion of Special Purpose Corporation (SPC) Co., Ltd. to carry out this business was established in March.

According to the promotion, ELENERGY, which is developing this project along with the promotion, has recently started a feasibility study for a 1.5GW green hydrogen production project.

This survey service is to evaluate the business case of developing green hydrogen production facilities to support Korea’s plan for transition to a hydrogen economy, where hydrogen accounts for 33% and 23.8% of Korea’s energy consumption and power generation by 2050, respectively. will be.

Elenergy, a Korean offshore wind farm project developer, and Namseong Shipping, a strategic investor in the ‘Propelled Offshore Wind Power – Green Hydrogen Production Business’, announced that the promoted offshore wind power will be built in three phases with a capacity of about 1.5GW.

Data collection for wind conditions measurement began at the end of 2021 and will continue for at least 12 months. Elenergy is collecting data such as wind speed, wind direction, and climate through a fixed land-based wind measuring instrument (LiDAR) system located on an island about 30 km south of Jeollanam-do. In addition, three floating LiDAR systems were installed within the perimeter of the offshore wind farm.

The wind turbine installation work is scheduled to take place from the third quarter of 2024 to the second quarter of 2028.

The business feasibility study is being conducted by Jacobs, a global consulting firm. Jacobs conducts green hydrogen market analysis and technology reviews, develops conceptual designs, and evaluates business cases for setting up green hydrogen facilities.

May 2021 Completion of water cooperation and resident agreement on the use of public waters in the east coast of Chuja Island
Jul. 2021 Acquired permission to use public waters (Jeju Maritime and Fisheries Management Group)
Sep. 2021 Established an unincorporated association of the Hupoong Offshore Wind Power Promotion Committee
In November 2021, the project district pre-verification review and risk assessment report completed (TUVSUD KOREA)
Feb. 2022 Floating wind condition meter installation completed (3-type)
March 2022 Establishment of Promotion Co., Ltd. (SPC)
March 2022 Elenergy – Promotion (SPC) – Signed a win-win agreement with the Hupoong Offshore Wind Power Promotion Committee
April 2022 MOU for joint development with Korea Southern Power
May 2022 Public Hearing and Coexistence Agreement Ceremony for Offshore Wind Power Project
2022 Jul. Jacobs Green Hydrogen pre-verification and business feasibility study service contract
2022 Jul. Kim & Chang Law Office Green Hydrogen Production Business Legal Matters Review and Opinion Completion
Aug. 2022 Contract with DNV for Owners Engineering

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