Oh Yeon-soo, “I got pregnant while filming a virgin role drama”… ♥ Prenatal with a director’s voice rather than Son Ji-chang?

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Oh Yeon-soo revealed an episode in which she was embarrassed by a sudden pregnancy.

In the SBS entertainment program ‘I Need Women’, which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 28th, actor Oh Yeon-soo surprised everyone by revealing, “I was cast in a drama for the role of a virgin, and I became pregnant.”

Oh Yeon-soo recalled, “It was when I was pregnant with my eldest child. I was cast for a weekend drama and the 2nd episode was aired, but I just got pregnant. I thought it was a big deal.”

Then he added, “I was in the role of a virgin. The director just got into an uproar. I went out twice, but I can’t do anything about it,” he added. Actor Yoon Yu-sun, who was next to him, strongly sympathized, saying, “If it’s a weekend drama, shouldn’t it be filmed for 6 months?”

Oh Yeon-soo said, “When I was about 6 months pregnant, my belly came out slowly. Fortunately, it was the fall and winter seasons. In the end, almost all of my clothes were coats. I covered my belly unconditionally.” “At the end of filming, doesn’t your stomach just come out? I almost sat down, I didn’t even get up,” he added, bringing laughter.

Oh Yeon-soo had an unexpected prenatal education on set. He added, “The drama director said, ‘He said he must have listened to my voice more than my husband (Ji-chang Son).”

On the other hand, ‘I Need Women’ is a female relationship reality that observes what kind of synergy occurs when women come together as a team of two or more, rather than alone. It airs every Thursday at 9 PM.

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