Ohtani is kicked out by pitching pitch and Tony La Russa explodes

The pitcher of the White Sox de Chicago, Mike Wright, was expelled from the game after hitting a ball at Shohei Ohtani in the MLB.

Through the Anaheim Angels vs. Anaheim Angels game, Mike Wright was a little out of control and a 90-mile fastball landed on the right leg of Shohei Ohtani, but before that another launch also happened near the body of the Japanese.

The main field had a meeting with the rest of the referees and they reached the conclusion of expelling the pitcher.

Tony la Russa came out a bit angry and in the end he was expelled along with his pitcher of the match, which White Sox de Chicago they were losing 9-3.

Normally some pitchers tend to collect some outstanding accounts when their team loses or wins by a large number of runs, a player on base does not present a great threat and more when there are two outs on the scoreboard.

However, La Russa knows his pitcher made a mistake, but even so, he disagreed with the umpires’ decision to expel reliever Mike Wright from Thursday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels after the right-hander struck out. Shohei Ohtani with a pitch in the ninth inning.

“They made a mistake,” La Russa said, according to James Fegan of The Athletic. “It is disturbing. It looks bad for our pitcher, our team and me. “

But Joe Maddon said that in his belief that pitch was on purpose simply because in the first game of the series the Angels gave up two hits.

La Russa is an old-school manager, nothing is doubted on his part, but there would be no reason to hurt a player who is in the fight for the MVP in the American League.

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