OIC sends SMS to ‘Asia Insurance’ customers to inform them of premium refund via Web Application

Mr. Suthiphon Thaweechaikarn, Secretary-General of the Insurance Commission (OIC) revealed that according to the Ministry of Finance’s order 1936/2564 to revoke the company’s non-life insurance business license. Asia Insurance 1950 Public Company Limited and the Insurance Commission’s Order No. 2/2564 appoint the Non-Life Insurance Fund to be liquidated. From October 15, 2021 onwards

In order to be able to communicate with the insured immediately, the Office of Insurance Commission, which is assigned by the Insurance Fund (As a liquidator) has developed a Web Application named “Information System and Rights in the case of 1950 Insurance Public Company Limited” and has notified information to the insured via SMS according to the phone number obtained from the company’s system. Asia Insurance 1950 Public Company Limited to enable the insured to manage risks appropriately according to the procedures and rights through the Web Application as follows:

Case 1, the insurance policy already has damage Have the insured apply for a debt collection at the Non-Life Insurance Fund or the OIC offices across the country.

Case 2, the insurance policy holder who provides coverage for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) that is still in force, the insured can choose to exercise the rights as specified.

Case 3 Other types of insurance policy holders that are still in force The insured can also choose to exercise the rights as stated. There are 19 non-life insurance companies participating in the program to help the insured in such cases.

In this regard, the insured can access the said Web Application through the OIC website and Chatbot “OIC Knows” (LINE : @OICConnect) and the OIC will collect information from the Insured who notified the information to send. for the non-life insurance fund to continue The non-life insurance fund will also notify in writing by mail. This will take time to process.

“Sending SMS and making transactions via the aforementioned Web Application will not cause the insured to lose any rights that are required under the insurance contract. This is to facilitate communication with the insured in order to make the repayment process faster. If the insured has any questions, you can ask the OIC hotline 1186.”

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