Oil companies ask the government for flexibility due to the fall in consumption

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The Spanish Association of Operators of Petroleum Products (AOP) affirms that the sector “is making a significant effort to guarantee mobility in a situation of unprecedented falling demand, therefore, one measure that could be taken is to grant the flexibility that the Government considers convenient for those service stations that are especially suffering the consequences of the fall in consumption. ”

Its CEO, Andreu Puñet, affirms that “it must be borne in mind that many service stations, although they have the image of well-known hydrocarbon companies, are true SMEs; family businesses that are experiencing the crisis in the same way as the group of small business owners in Spain It is necessary from the Administration, by way of flexibility, to provide a feasibility solution to supply facilities in Spain, whoever owns it, always guaranteeing supply, especially since it is an essential service (required by law to operate), but without de facto income to get ahead. It is necessary to allow flexibility measures in the service in the face of falling demand, maintaining security of supply and attention to transportation at critical points as an essential service that are the seasons. ”

AOP highlights that “the petroleum products refining and distribution sector is considered an essential service, so we are operating to guarantee supply within the exceptional conditions of the health crisis in which we are immersed. Refineries are operating, adapting their production on demand, and 98% of the network of service stations of AOP’s associates is working, although there has been an unprecedented drop in demand (more than 80% for gasoline and 63% for diesel). ”

And he adds that “we are very clear about the role we have to play in this crisis: to be an essential service, guarantor of the mobility of people and with it, of the provision of other essential services. I think we must highlight the effort it is making the sector to ensure supply, guarantee mobility, facilitate the provision of other essential services, such as health transport or the distribution of basic products, and fight, with the whole of Spanish society, to face this crisis. The effort is proof of the commitment of the oil refining and distribution sector to the well-being of all citizens and the future of the country, and also extends the solidarity actions of all the associates, who are turning to help by putting their industrial capacity serving the needs of society. ”

Lastly, Puñet points out that “we are in permanent contact with the Ministries of Industry, Ecological Transition and Transport to monitor the situation, keep the information permanently updated, and resolve situations that the crisis is causing. We have recently been working with the Ministry of Transport to facilitate the information on the catering services attached to our service stations to those workers who have to keep moving, such as professional transporters, security forces and bodies, and other workers who may be in similar circumstances, also a necessity basic in these complex times. ” .


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