Oil: who benefits from low prices?

Published on : 04/30/2020 – 16:16

For several weeks, the oil market has been out of control. Will the deconfinement that is starting in many regions of the world stabilize the trends, when transport and industry were at a standstill, creating a glut crisis?

Look at the way the oil game has reorganized. Will the collapse of oil prices permanently weaken the economies of petrodollars-monarchies? Is the USA / Saudi Arabia alliance weakened? Strengthening Iran? from China ?

Guests :
Samuele Furfari, professor of energy geopolitics at the Free University of Brussels. ” It is urgent to electrify Africa “, L’Harmattan editions
Francis Perrin, associate researcher at the Policy Center for the New South. Research Director at the Iris and specialist in energy issues.


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