OJ 2024: shooting events remain in Seine-Saint-Denis

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It had not been in doubt for several days, but the executive committee of the organizing committee of the 2024 (Cojo) Olympic Games has almost validated the fact that the Olympic shooting events will take place in Seine-Saint-Denis. If since the application phase, the field of Essences de La Courneuve is on the map of sports sites, an alternative project has been studied in Saint-Witz, in Val-d'Oise. The French firing federation, supported by the international federation, proposed a file with a permanent training center, which would remain after the Olympics.

If the idea was interesting, the question of financing was quickly raised, the Cojo financing only temporary structures. The French federation estimated the cost of its project at 12 M €, then reducing it to less than 11 M €, without providing sufficient guarantees. An underestimated amount if we believe the results of the two firms of expertise, mandated by the organizing committee. According to our information, they evaluated the project at € 37 million, which is 3 times more than that of the federation. What to cool the Cojo.

If the results of the expertises are now in the hands of the French Olympic Committee, "there is more reason today that shooting events take place elsewhere than in Seine-Saint-Denis", says a close friend of the folder.

Mountain biking in Elancourt, decision mid-December

The Ile-de-France region, which was ready to help fund the Val-d'Oleien project, is now fighting for the MTB events to take place, as planned in the application, on the Élancourt hill ( Yvelines). An environmental concern arises on this wooded site and expertise is in progress, the organizing committee of the OJ firmly opposing the idea of ​​cutting down trees for two days of competition. The subject should be discussed mid-December, at the next board meeting. In parallel, the alternative solution of moving the mountain bike in Chamonix (Haute-Savoie) is studied. It would become the order of the day if the expertises demonstrated the impossibility of organizing the tests at Elancourt for ecological reasons, Paris 2024 having written "environmental exemplarity" to his project.


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