Ojo Show: Aida Martínez surprises her followers by announcing the sex of her baby

Updated 10/17/2020 at 10:40 PM

Aida Martínez held a meeting with her closest environment to reveal the sex of her future baby. Through his Instagram stories, he shared a series of photos and videos where you could see the decoration and the snacks he gave to his guests.

“Today we are going to know the sex of our baby, we are going to do a transmission on Zoom, only with very close people, and we are going to tell them if it is a man or a woman” says the model in one of the videos.

In another clip, Aida and her partner Adolfo Carrasco announce that they will have a girl after they punctured a balloon and pink papers came out.

Aida enjoys her pregnancy to the fullest and makes it known through her social networks, where she shares photos and videos of her tummy from different angles, and although it does not look so pronounced for now, she revealed that her baby is already done notice. “On the verge of turning 4 months old and it is already stirring me up. Enjoying our pregnancy ”, he wrote days ago on his Instagram account.

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