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When Angela Merkel, Germany’s chancellor for the past 16 years, leaves office to end her political career, all eyes around the world turn to Olaf Scholes, Merkel’s successor. The country’s new hopes are now in the hands of the 63-year-old German Chancellor, who is in power today.

New Gender Equality Cabinet

Gender equality in politics is something that often exists only in speeches. Rarely are these reflected in numbers and implemented in practice. But Germany’s new chancellor Scholes on Monday announced the country’s new gender and equality cabinet. Women hold important positions in the cabinet in equal proportions.

“As in the society in which we live, half of the power here belongs to women,” Scholes said while announcing cabinet members. He also described himself as a ‘feminist’.

One man has taken charge of Germany but there are more women in the cabinet than ever, to be exact, half. Team Shoals consists of 8 women and 8 men. Scholes kept his election promise to appoint so many women to his government.

Germany, Europe’s largest economy, will no longer rely on Scholes and his cabinet to correct mistakes and reduce the sharp rise in corona virus infections. At the moment, one of the most important appointments in the cabinet is that of health minister of the country.

Scholes has appointed epidemiologist Carl Lauterback, a well-known figure in the country, as health minister.


Speaking in favor of compulsory vaccination, Scholes said he hoped MPs would vote on the issue by the end of the year and that things could be implemented by February.

Security in the hands of women

Revealing that they are members of the cabinet that handles security, Scholes said that “security will be in the hands of strong women.” Lawyer Nancy Faizer becomes the first woman home minister in the country. She will be in charge of the party branch in Hesse, the central state, and as home minister will oversee the country’s police forces and internal intelligence agencies.

Incumbent Justice Minister Kristin Lambrecht will be the new Minister of Defense. Christine will be Germany’s third woman defense minister in a row. She is not only the first woman Home Minister, but also Germany’s first woman Foreign Minister in the new cabinet.

Although Merkel omitted the word ‘feminist’, Scholes accepted it. “Women make up half of the population, so women should have half the power,” he said.


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