Olay unveils a new skincare formula Combining advanced technology “Collagen Peptide”

July 30, 2021


Olay Regenerist Collagen-Peptide 24 Serum collagen, concentrated formula, light texture that helps reduce wrinkles to smooth skin deeply.

Many people are probably familiar with “Collagen”, an important helper in the world of beauty that is used to nourish the skin to look firm and clear. until everyone said that collagen is like “Fountain of youth” that will take you back in time to make your skin bright, bouncy, as many people desire. But do you know how important “collagen” is to your skin? And how can we take care of our skin to keep it bouncy, beautiful, and healthy all day long?

“Collagen” is an important protein fiber of the skin. That helps our skin to be bouncy, flexible, radiant skin like a youth. In the morning, the skin will look fuller after a full rest. Ready to go out with various missions. In everyday life, however, a busy lifestyle can cause the body to unconsciously accumulate stress. including exposure to external pollutants such as dust, smoke and UV light (UV). As a result, the body loses collagen. And the shocking fact is that our skin can look older. 8 A year in a day Knowing this, it’s time for us to find a helper to heal.Skin to shine with a radiant aura all day long. but also extreme with life for 24 hours without interruption

After years of Olay beauty researchers and scientists studying how to keep skin plump and radiant. Finally, today Olay is ready to reveal the secret to full skin nourishment from morning till evening. Formulated with Olay’s advanced technology that helps skin care ingredients penetrate deeply into the skin effectively. make the skin of the girls Full and full all day long Introducing the latest collection Olay Regenerist Collagenpeptide24

DavisNS ditch Olay’s Beauty Scientist Reveals the most advanced innovation of Olay that “Usually collagen molecules are too large to penetrate our epidermis. Therefore, products containing collagen are difficult to absorb into the skin. But with Olay’s formula usedcollagen peptides which is the same tiny collagen molecule found in the human skin layer Thus, it can penetrate deeply through the skin layer effectively. to keep the skin fuller all day long.”

In addition, the collection Olay Regenerist Collagenpeptide24 It also has the highest level of peptides among all Olay formulations. It also contains niacinamide. (Niacinamide) or vitamins B3 a mixtureIt is unique to Olay that helps the skin look firmer and instantly moisturizes the skin. and retain moisture for a long time 24 hour with name Collagenpeptide24 truly

Girls can show off their juicy, bouncy skin with Olay’s new collagen formula with just 3 easy steps. Steps start with Olay Regenerist Collagenpeptide24 Serum collagen, concentrated formula, light texture that helps reduce wrinkles to smooth skin deeply. Olay Regenerist Collagenpeptide24 moisturizer fine collagen cream Helps to tighten the skin and retain moisture for 24 hours. Close the job too. Olay Regenerist Collagenpeptide24 eye cream Nourishes and restores the delicate skin around the eyes to be firm as if the skin was fully rested. What’s more, the above products are free from potentially irritating ingredients such as fragrances, parabens, phthalates and artificial colours. It is suitable for all skin types. Let the girls prepare to wave goodbye to dull skin. Ready to show off your juicy, bouncy skin all day long and challenge your busy life with no worries.

new collection Olay Regenerist Collagenpeptide24 together with Olay Regenerist Collagenpeptide24 Serum Size 30 ml. Olay Regenerist Collagenpeptide24 moisturizer size 30 ml and Olay Regenerist Collagenpeptide24 eye cream Size 50 grams. Open for girls to shop for 1,199 baht today at department stores. and leading supermarkets across the country such as Watsons, Lotus, Big C, Tops, Gourmet Market, Home Fresh Mart and general leading stores including online channels at Lazada: http://olay.life/LazadaColPR Shoppe: http://olay.life/ShopeeColPR and Watsons Online: http://olay.life/WSCP24 from today onwards


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