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When performing MRI photography, the patient must remove all metal objects from his body. Oxygen cylinders and general respirators are also forbidden to enter the examination room to avoid danger. (Data photo, photo by reporter Xie Wuxiong)

[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]When an old man in South Korea was undergoing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) a few days ago, it was suspected that a metal gas cylinder was attracted by the powerful magnetic force generated by the operating MRI and hit the old man’s chest, causing the old man to die on the spot. Chen Zhijin, an attending physician in the Department of Intensive Care Medicine of Chimei Hospital, mentioned that similar cases have occurred in Sweden and India, reminding the public that they must understand the four precautions for MRI examinations to avoid any regrets.

As soon as this news came out, many people questioned “Why are there metal gas cylinders in the inspection room? Is it the focus of the investigation? Or did someone violate the SOP for management and inspection?”“Dr. Icu Chen Zhijin”The article pointed out that when performing MRI photography, medical staff will require all metal objects to be removed from the patient. Oxygen cylinders and general respirators are also prohibited from entering the examination room to avoid danger.

Chen Zhijin mentioned that an inspector was injured in a mobile MRI examination vehicle while wearing a metal protective vest in Sweden. There have been two similar accidents in India. One involved a family member who entered the examination room with an oxygen cylinder and was injured by a strong MRI magnetic field, resulting in death; the other was a maintenance worker who was injured by an oxygen cylinder that “flew in” across the room.

Precautions for MRI examination

●The subject should not wear watches, metal jewelry or hairpins.

●A cardiac rhythm device, cerebral vascular clip (or coil), artificial heart valve, implantable electronic ear have been implanted in the body, and the examiner should be actively informed to assess whether it is suitable for examination.

●Have been injured by metal fragments or bullets, implanted surgical metal nails (sheets), artificial joints (or prostheses), intrauterine contraceptive devices, movable hearing aids, dentures or braces. Please also inform the examiner for evaluation.

●Everyone wears masks during the epidemic, and medical personnel will remove the metal strips on them first.

What should I do if I have implanted calcaneal nails? Chen Zhijin shared that, generally for more than 3 months, there is no need to worry if you have been in close contact with the organization. Most of the titanium alloys are now used, which can be shortened to one month or there is no exposed metal stent on the surface of the skin. The movable denture may fall into the trachea after being attracted by the strong magnetic field, so it must be removed.

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