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Olga Viza: “I would always get bored doing the same thing”


Olga Viza (Barcelona, ​​1958) has few professional challenges. The journalist has an extensive curriculum on television and has experienced first-hand the most important political and social events in our country in recent decades. Meanwhile, he voiced on TVE, together with Matías Prats, at the opening of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and he was in charge of moderating the ’round’ of the electoral debate (2008) between former presidents José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero and Mariano Rajoy, followed by almost 12 million viewers.

Since the summer of 2019, she has accompanied Màxim Huerta every morning in his ‘attic’ of the public chain, where he has developed his facet as a socialist together with other collaborators such as Celia Villalobos, María Gómez or Juanma López Iturriaga. In ‘Starting today’ (Monday to Friday, 12:30 p.m., La 1) it talks about everything, except rough events and heart. «They called me for gatherings and always said no because I am more used to hand out game in debates. I was resisting, but it was hard for Màxim to say no, ”explains the journalist.

Olga vindicates the tone of her program – «a chat between friends» – in a television stage in which the networks have promoted political gatherings, with strong ideological burdens and continuous confrontations on set. Unfortunately, trench journalism has long been installed in the media. The crisis enhanced the aroma of confrontation in the debates. Would we now see a slow program as ‘The key’? We could not bear it, because we are used to conflict, and that has a great power of attraction “, he reflects.

The journalist regrets that the profession has invaded “more opinion than information”, although she understands that private television stations have “played their cards” in times of crisis, because “information is expensive”. “But not all gatherings are horrible,” he defends, because also “it is healthy to debate»And« helps you form ideas ». However, he criticizes the ‘todologists’ that “more than giving their opinions, they make sentences”. “There are a number of things I don’t have an opinion on. I try to give information and ask questions. I am unable to speak of all things because I do not know them. I constantly doubt ”, she is sincere.

Responsibility of TV

Olga, like so many citizens, is frequently traveling between Madrid and Barcelona for work. He says that in these two cities the Catalan ‘procés’ is seen differently. “In subjects as delicate as this one, the details are very important. Communication must be accurate and interpretation honest. You can’t just think from instinct, “he says.

In Barcelona he began working for TVE when he studied journalism. Mercedes Milá went to Madrid and left a gap that Olga Viza herself occupied. Began to stand out in sports journalism and founded ‘Estadio 2’, a weekly magazine that was expanding as a great container for sports events. “It was the only national television and we had the rights to all sports: soccer, basketball, tennis, rugby … Science fiction,” he recalls.

After the JJ OO of Barcelona 92, the journalist began a new stage in Antena 3, where she became one of the most popular news anchors on the channel. Knew his transfer, he maintains, by the press. “I was on vacation and I found out then that Antena 3 was leaving,” he recalls.

«In the answering machine of my house I found messages from Ramón Colom (ex-director of TVE) and Manuel Campo Vidal (his counterpart at that time in the private network). I listened to what they were saying and asked for three days, which were three weeks, to decide. In the end, I saw clearly that it was a train that I had to get on», Reveals. In 2003, after a restructuring in Antena 3, it was left out and without projects. “It was painful, but the farewell my colleagues made me I will never forget in my life,” he confesses.

Olga asks television for “responsibility” and for people to be proud of their media. “I love TV,” he reveals, looking back and acknowledging that he has done more than he thought. What would you like to do? “No idea,” he insists. «I’m excited to do one big thing or another tiny thing. I just aspire to do what I have to do well. If it can be with a plus of quality, the better. It is the only thing I aspire to, “he says. “Doing the same thing would always bore me.”



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