Olimpia 0-0 Santos SUMMARY YOUTUBE Score and Results Final with terrible injury of Roque Santa Cruz Copa Libertadores 2020 latest news Olimpia

Santos could not take advantage of his home and drew 0-0 against Olympiad by date 3 of Group G from Liberators cup. With the early injury of Roque Santa Cruz, the Paraguayan team had to rethink the match to avoid difficulties in Vila Belmiro.

Directed by Daniel Garnero they had a good first half: from the start they stood up well on the court and tried a lot with medium-distance shots, but the ball never entered the goal defended by Joao Paulo.

For its part, the squad led by Cuca woke up in the complement and came out with a different mentality to gain prominence. The Venezuelan Yeferson Soteldo, Carlos Sanchez, Pituca and Marihno, were the ‘Peixe’ players who most complicated the ‘Dean’.

Although at minute 65 ‘ Daniel Garnero he changed the scheme again after the expulsion of Rodrigo Rojas against Marihno, Olympiad he knew how to play with ten and the scoreboard did not move.

With this result, Santos, which will visit Delfín from Ecuador on the next date, consolidates in the first place with 7 units. While Olympiad continue in the second box with 5 points.

Confirmed formations: Santos vs. Olympia

Santos: Paulo, Pará, Veríssimo, Peres, Joantan, Alison, Pituca, Sánchez, Marinho, Soteldo y Raniel.

Coach: Cuca.

Olympiad: Azcona, Silva, Otálvaro, Alcaraz, Leguizamón, Ortiz, Rojas, Torres, Camacho, Candía and Roque Santa Cruz.

Coach: Garnero.

Santos vs. Olympia, minute by minute

90’+5 Ends the game played in Brazil. Santos drew 0-0 against Olimpia for matchday 3 of the Copa Libertadores.

90 ‘Attention! Yellow card for Marinho.

88′ Diego Pituca (Santos) takes a long shot, but the ball goes wide.

86 ‘Change in Olympia. Jorge Arias enters for Iván Torres.

85′ Uffffff! Jean Mota (Santos) takes a free kick over the barrier and scares the rival goalkeeper.

84′ Free kick for Santos near the Olimpa area.

80′ Richard Ortiz (Olimpia) receives a free kick on the left wing.

76′ Hernesto Caballero (Olimpia) is fouled in the defensive zone.

74 ‘Change in Santos. Ingresa Lucas Lourenço by Alison.

72 & # 39; Changes in Olympia. Derlis González and Hernesto Caballero joined, by Alejandro Silva and Néstor Camacho

69′ Santos continues to warn. Deflected shot from Carlos Sánchez.

65 & # 39; Bad news for Olympia. Rojas is sent off after a hard foul against Marinho. Dangerous free kick in favor of Santos.

63 & # 39; Change in Santos. Enter Marcos Leonardo for Raniel.

62′ Corner kick for Santos. The marker is still not moving.

58′ Alison (Santos) receives a foul in the defensive zone. Free kick for the locals.

55 ‘¡Se salva Olimpia! Carlos Sánchez assists Raniel and he finishes off wide.

53 ‘Uffff! Azcona (Olimpia) saves a shot made by Felipe Jonatan from outside the box.

51 ‘Attention! Rojas (Olimpia) is shown a yellow following a foul against Marinho.

48′ Rodrigo Rojas (Olimpia) shoots with the left from outside the area. The ball is controlled by Paulo.

47′ Uruguayan Carlos Sánchez shoots with his right from the right side, but the ball goes too high.

46′ The second half is underway.

CHANGE IN OLIMPIA. Enter Luis de la Cruz by William Candia.

BREAK: Santos 0-0 Olimpia


45’+1 The first half ends. Santos draws against Olimpia in Brazil.

41′ Keep attacking Santos. Felipe Jonatan shoots outside the area, but the ball goes high.

38 & # 39; It was close! Raniel assists Yeferson Soteldo, who shoots with his right point-blank range from the left side. The ball hits the stick. Olympia is saved.

36 ‘Attention! Corner kick for Santos.

32′ Raniel (Santos) shoots from the right side, but the shot does not create danger in the Olimpia area. The game continues 0-0.

28′ Foul by Willian Candia (Olimpia) and the referee shows him a yellow card for a bad foul.

26′ Attempt missed by Rodrigo Rojas (Olimpia) after assistance from Willian Candia. The shot goes high.

24 ‘¡Ufffff! Pituca shoots after a pass from Soteldo and Olimpia’s goalkeeper controls the ball in two halves.

21′ Santos attacks through the Venezuelan Soteldo. However, the play is not a danger for Olimpia.

20′ Olimpia continues to approach the rival area. Corner shot for the ‘Dean’.

19′ Offside after an attack by the Paraguayan team Book kick for Santos.

16′ Problems for the visit. Roque Santa Cruz leaves due to injury. Isidro Pitta enters.

14′ Lateral for Santos. The game continues playing in the field of the Brazilian team.

10′ Olimpia keeps attacking in the Santos field.

09 ‘¡Ufffff! Archer’s Cutoff Paulo after Ortiz shot. Corner for Olimpia.

04′ The marker does not move. Lack of Santos. Free kick for Olympia.

01′ The game is underway, Santos moved the ball.

– The game starts in a few minutes.

– Attention! Confirmed training of Santos: Paulo, Pará, Veríssimo, Peres, Joantan, Alison, Pituca, Sánchez, Marinho, Soteldo y Raniel.

– Attention! Confirmed training of Olympiad: Azcona, Silva, Otálvaro, Alcaraz, Leguizamón, Ortiz, Rojas, Torres, Camacho, Candía and Roque Santa Cruz.

– Welcome to coverage of the match between Olimpia and Santos for the Copa Libertadores.

Santos against Olimpia

Olimpia arrives at a great soccer moment after the resumption of the Paraguayan tournament, despite being four points behind the leader Cerro Porteño (42). Since the ball rolled again, the ‘Dean’ played 11 games, of which he won 7, drew two and fell on two other occasions. A positive average.

The offensive power they have will be vital to advance in the Libertadores and they register at least one goal in the aforementioned games. Roque Santa Cruz is the maximum reference with 10 annotations, followed closely by Nestor Camacho (6) and Derlis González (5), the latter with four assists each.

Photo: Conmebol

For his part, Santos has not shown a regular level in the Brasileirao, adding 15 points in his first 10 presentations. In the last four games he did not lose: two draws and two victories. The main goal card is Marinho (7 goals in the Brasileirao) and Yeferson Soteldo stands out in the creation. Great game.

Photo: Santos

Probable lineups: Olimpia vs Santos

XI Olympia: Alfredo Aguilar; Sergio Otálvaro, José Leguizamón, Jorge Arias, Iván Torres; Alejandro Silva, Richard Ortiz, Derlis González, Rodrigo Rojas; Néstor Camacho and Roque Santa Cruz.

XI Santos: João Paulo; Pará (Madson), Lucas Veríssimo, Luan Peres, Felipe Jonatan; Alison, Diego Pituca, Carlos Sánchez; Marinho, Lucas Braga (Marcos Leonardo o Arthur Gomes) and Soteldo.

What channel does Olimpia vs Santos broadcast on Copa Libertadores?

  • Argentina: ESPN Play Sur, FOX Play Sur, FOX Sports 2 Cono Sur, Fox Sports 2 Argentina
  • Bolivia: ESPN Play Sur, FOX Sports 2 Southern Cone
  • Canada: beIN SPORTS in Spanish, beIN SPORTS CONNECT Canada
  • Chile: FOX Play Sur, ESPN Play Sur, FOX Sports 2 Cono Sur
  • Colombia: ESPN Play Sur, FOX Play Sur, FOX Sports 2 Cono Sur
  • Ecuador: FOX Play Sur, ESPN Play Sur, FOX Sports 2 Cono Sur
  • Paraguay: ESPN Play Sur, FOX Sports 2 Southern Cone
  • Perú: ESPN Play Sur, FOX Play Sur, FOX Sports 2 Cono Sur
  • Portugal: Sport TV2, Sport TV LIVE
  • United States: beIN SPORTS CONNECT, Fanatiz USA, beIN SPORTS in Spanish
  • Uruguay: FOX Sports 2 Cono Sur, FOX Play Sur, ESPN Play Sur
  • Venezuela: ESPN Play Sur

Olympia vs. Santos: schedules in the world

  • Perú: 7.30 p. m.
  • México: 7.30 p. m.
  • Ecuador: 7.30 p. m.
  • United States (Los Angeles): 5.30 pm
  • United States (Texas): 7.30 pm
  • United States (Miami): 8.30 pm
  • Colombia: 7.30 p. m.
  • Argentina: 9.30 p. m.
  • Spain: 2.30 am (the next day)
  • Spain (Canary Islands): 1.30 am (the next day)
  • Uruguay: 9.30 p. m.
  • Paraguay: 8.30 p. m.
  • Chile: 9.30 p. m.
  • Brasil: 8.30 p. m.
  • Bolivia: 8.30 p. m.
  • Venezuela: 8.30 p. m.
  • Canadá: 7.30 p. m.
  • Costa Rica: 6:30 p.m.
  • Guatemala: 6.30 p. m.
  • Honduras: 6.30 p. m.
  • El Salvador: 6.30 pm
  • Puerto Rico: 8.30 p. m.
  • Dominican Republic: 8:30 p.m.
  • Panamá: 7.30 p. m.
  • Italy: 2.30 am (the next day)
  • France: 2.30 am (the next day)
  • Germany: 2.30 am (the next day)
  • Portugal: 2.30 am (the next day)
  • Holland: 2.30 am (the next day)
  • England: 1.30 pm (the next day)

Olimpia vs Santos LIVE: where to watch the match LIVE ONLINE?

On the Internet the duel between Olimpia vs Santos, Libero.pe will broadcast minute by minute with all the incidents of the match and the goals instantly. In addition, you can see the summary of goals at the end of the match.


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