Olivier Dall’Oglio (Brest): “I saw a team running” – Foot – L1 – Brest

Olivier Dall’Oglio (coach of Brest, beaten 2-3 by Marseille) : “I’m satisfied with the behavior, but there is regret because we have opportunities and a lack of finishing, and then naivety on set pieces. Obviously we don’t have big builds but we lack a little vice to avoid taking goals like that. Physically, we weren’t too bad.

In Nîmes last week, we had run little compared to what I expected. We needed to see players who exert themselves, who make calls. A running team is something else and that’s what I saw tonight. The priority was to see the reaction we could have. Even when we were down 0-2, a score that was difficult to concede, the players continued to advance. For the other matches, it’s rather encouraging ”.

“This ball (goal in the 66th), yes, I’m going to dream about it”

Gaëtan Charbonnier, Brest striker

Gaëtan Charbonnier (Brest attacker, at the microphone of Téléfoot): “Against teams like that, what do you want me to tell you … They were very realistic, and not us. This balloon (goal in the 66th), yes, I’m going to dream about it, but in slow motion we see that Mandanda touches her a bit in passing, I don’t take her back as I want, that’s how it is … We showed a beautiful image, the face that ‘we have to show at home, everywhere, and every weekend. We are a team that does not know how to undergo, we must move forward, press, show that we want … “


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