Olivier Dussopt, a minister in the budgetary tornado

Holding the purse strings is not easy in good times. When such a brutal crisis hits the French economy with full force, the exercise turns into a puzzle.

Limiting as much as possible a greater drift in public finances is the laborious task of any guardian of public accounts, even in times of crisis… “It may seem anecdotal to say “no” to certain colleagues. [ministres] who are demanding additional envelopes of several hundred million euros, while billions are committed on the recovery. So why bother to refuse these requests? Because the deterioration of deficits must remain temporary», Insists Olivier Dussopt, in his office located at 5e floor, which overlooks the Seine, of the hotel des ministers in Bercy. The features somewhat drawn, the Minister Delegate for Public Accounts, who acts under the tutelage of the grand master of the citadel of Bercy Bruno Le Maire, shows no sign of annoyance despite the turbulent period he is living.

However, holding the purse strings is not easy in good times, in a country as spendthrift as France. What to say when a

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