Olivier Giroud ready to leave Chelsea? The attacker will decide on the winter transfer window

It will decide at the beginning of next year. Again replacing Chelsea, Olivier Giroud considers his situation “worrying” for the Euro next summer and the center-forward of the Blues recognizes in an interview on the TF1 Téléfoot show that it will take “that change or make a decision ”in the January transfer window.

“I am lucid about my situation, I know what it is, we have discussed it again (with coach Didier Deschamps). I will have to make a decision in January but I hope to make the right decision, ”said the 34-year-old striker (105 caps), while ensuring not to be worried.

“Worried, that’s a big word. But it’s concerning, because I felt that I still had a role to play in this team (de Chelsea) after having had a very good end of the season and contributed to qualifying for the Champions League with my team. I thought at the start of the season that I could still help the team but my playing time is being reduced a lot so that will have to change, or else make a decision, ”he insisted.

“I feel very good physically”

Not starting with Chelsea since the end of September, he played only three short minutes of play on Saturday in the Premier League at Newcastle (2-0). A situation that does not please Didier Deschamps either, eager to see his striker be “competitive” for the Euro (June 11-July 11, 2021). But Giroud claims to be ready to take up this new challenge, as he has done in the past.

“There are times when we would like things to be a little more fluid, easier, but I built myself in that. My friend Lolo Koscielny tends to say that where I am the best is when I am back to the wall so maybe he is right, ”assured the second top scorer in the history of the Blues (44 goals), ensuring that you are always hungry for football.

“Even though some people talk about my age sometimes, I feel very good physically. Even if I do not necessarily follow the matches, I have a lot of desire, freshness and I believe that what makes last, longevity in a career, is also the spirit, the motivation, the determination, always surpass yourself and continue to make the effort. As long as I have this and my body follows, I will try to bring what I can, ”he concluded.

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