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Information about Olympia 2021: schedule, dates and time difference

The schedule for the 2021 Olympics: We’ll provide you with the dates for all disciplines.

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Here you can find the schedule for Olympia 2021, which includes all dates. You will also receive all further information about the Olympic Games.

Olympia 2021 was originally supposed to be Olympia 2020. After a postponement due to the corona pandemic, the Olympic Games will now take place in Tokyo, Japan, until August 8.

In this article you will find the schedule and dates for the competitions in all disciplines. The time difference is always taken into account and the time in Germany is given.

Schedule at Olympia 2021: Dates and time today

What is the schedule for the 2021 Olympics? In this data center you will find the dates for the sports event in Tokyo clearly laid out. You can sort them either by date or by sport:

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Olympia 2021: schedule, dates and calendar for the competitions for all sports

In 33 sports are a total of 339 competitions in 51 disciplines carried out. When does which sport, discipline and which competition take place? On which days are there medal decisions? This calendar clearly shows the schedule for the individual disciplines.

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For a number of sports we offer more details on the schedule. For more information, simply click on the respective blue link. Here is an overview of the schedule for the disciplines again.

Schedule for the 2021 Olympics

date discipline decisions
23 July 21 Opening ceremony
July 24th to August 2nd Badminton 5
July 28th to August 7th Baseball 1
July 21st to July 27th Softball 1
July 25th to August 8th Basketball 2
July 24th to July 28th 3×3 Basketball 2
July 23rd to July 31st Archery 5
July 24th to August 8th Boxing 13
July 24th to August 1st fencing 12
July 21st to August 7th Soccer 2
July 24th to August 6th Weightlifting 14
July 29th to August 7th Golf 2
July 24th to August 8th Handball 2
July 24th to August 6th Hockey 2
July 24th to August 6th Judo 15
August 2nd to August 7th Canoe / racing 12
July 25th to July 30th Canoe / Slalom 4
August 5th to August 6th Karate / Kata 2
August 5th to August 7th Karate / Kumite 6
July 30th to August 8th athletics 48
August 5th to August 7th Modern pentathlon 2
August 2nd to August 8th Cycling / track 12
July 31st to August 1st Cycling / BMX / Freestyle 2
July 26th to July 27th Cycling / mountain biking 2
July 24th to July 28th Cycling / street 4
July 24th to July 28th Equestrian sport / dressage 2
August 3rd to August 7th Equestrian / jumping 2
July 30th to August 2nd Equestrian sports / versatility 2
August 1st to August 7th Wrestling / Freestyle 12
August 1st to August 7th Wrestling / Greco-Roman 6
July 23rd to July 30th rowing 14
July 26th to July 31st 7er Rugby 2
July 24th to August 2nd shoot 15
August 4th to August 5th swim / Freiwasser 2
July 24th to August 2nd swim / Pool 35
August 2nd to August 7th swim / Synchronous 2
July 24th to August 1st swim / Water polo 2
July 25th to August 7th swim / Wasserspringen 8
July 26th to August 5th sailing 10
July 25th to August 5th Skateboard 4
August 3 to August 6 Climb 2
July 25th to July 28th surfing 2
July 24th to July 27th Taekwondo 8
July 24th to August 1st Tennis 5
July 24th to August 6th Table tennis 5
July 26th to July 31st Triathlon 3
July 24th to August 3rd do gymnastics / The art tour 14
August 6th to August 8th do gymnastics / Rhythmic sports gymnastics 2
July 30th to July 31st do gymnastics / Trampoline 2
July 24th to August 7th Volleyball / Beach 2
July 24th to August 8th Volleyball / hall 2
8. August Closing ceremony

Olympic Games 21 in Tokyo: opening ceremony, venues and dates

As already mentioned, the 2021 Summer Olympics will take place from July 23rd to August 8th.

  • Opening ceremony: July 23, 2021 in the Olympic Stadium Such
  • Closing ceremony: August 8, 2021 in the Olympic Stadium Such

Competition venues and stadiums Olympia 2021

Next to the Olympiastadion, which was designed for 1.3 billion euros by star architect Kengo Kuma and is reminiscent of the pagoda of an old temple, there are many other competition venues in Tokyo. The venues around the Olympic Village are located within a radius of 8 kilometers and can be reached via short distances.

In the Heritage Zone the Olympic Stadium, the handball hall, the riding course and the table tennis hall are located in the Tokyo Bay Zone the rowing and canoeing courses, the Gymnastics Center and the Tokyo Aquatics Center. Outside Tokyo football tournaments, golf tournaments, basketball or baseball are played. Sailing and the marathons don’t take place in Tokyo either.

Read more here: Olympia 2021: venues, venues, stadiums.

Olympia 2021 live on TV

The Olympic Games 2021 will be live on free TV at Eurosport transferred, the rights are held by Discovery-Group. Also the public broadcasters ARD and ZDF have sub-licenses to broadcast the Olympic Games. Detailed information on the broadcast of the Olympic Games 2021 can be found in the following article.

Read more here: Olympia 2021 live on TV and stream: broadcast & TV dates

Olympia 2021: which disciplines, sports and competitions are new?

Skateboarding will be part of the Summer Games as a discipline for the first time in 2021. At the moment, twelve-year-old Lilly Stoephasius is the greatest German Olympic hope in this sport. On September 1, 2019, she was again German skateboard champion in Düsseldorf.

These are all new sports and disciplines at the Olympics in Japan:

  • Swimming: 800 m (men), 1500 m (women), 4×100 m mixed relay
  • Archery: mixed event
  • Athletics: 4×400 m mixed relay
  • Basketball: 3×3 (men and women)
  • Radsport: BMX Freestyle Park, Madison (F/M)
  • Fencing: team competition for women and men
  • Judo: Mixed Team Event
  • Table tennis: Mixed doubles
  • Triathlon: Mixed Team-Staffel

Here is an overview of all sports: Olympia 2021: Sports and disciplines of the Olympic Games in Japan.

Olympia 2021 – time shift from Japan and Germany: German time

Many fans wonder when they can watch the Olympic Games live on free TV or stream. That depends crucially on the time zones or the time difference / time difference between Japan and Germany. Tokyo is in the Japan Standard Time (JST) time zone and is seven hours ahead of Germany in the summer.

In Japan there is also no time change between summer and winter – but there is in Germany. For example, if it is 12 noon in summer, it is already 7 p.m. in Tokyo (+7 hours).

Results and medal table

How many medals will Germany win at the 2021 Olympics? You can find the medal table here: Olympia 2021: medal table up-to-date – results, results, evaluation.

Summer Olympics 2021: Olympics or Olympics – what’s the difference?

While the Olympics or Summer Olympics mean the sporting event itself, the Olympics, strictly speaking, only mean the period that lies between two games – i.e. four years.

Olympia 2021: The mascots Miraitowa and Someity

The futuristic mascots of the Olympic Games go by the names Miraitowa (blue) and Someity (pink). Miraitowa represents the upcoming Olympics and has the ability to teleport from place to place super-fast. The name of the blue character goes back to the Japanese word “mirai” for future. The kind-hearted Someity stands for the Paralympics (“towa” = eternity), loves nature and is reminiscent of the Japanese cherry blossom. She has telekinetic skills and can talk to stones and the wind. Schoolchildren in Japan had a say in the design of the figures with the big googly eyes. (THE)

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