OM: Eyraud announces the future recruitment of two directors and tackle Aulas

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“A football club should not be a one-man show with an omnipotent president.” Jacques-Henri Eyraud chose his words well when announcing his strategy for the future of Olympique de Marseille on the professional network… LinkedIn! A small tackle to his rival Jean-Michel Aulas, it never hurts on the Canebière, and the Olympian president did not hesitate.

“The quality of the management team at his side is an absolutely critical success factor,” adds the CEO of the Marseille club, who says he is seeking to recruit two directors, one from “football” and the other from “business “, To hold the reins of the blue and white club in the future, in a forum entitled” The world is changing, OM too! “

It thus fixes a very precise profile of the future Marseille football director, as for a classic job offer. “This manager projects himself over the long term, supervises the training strategy, displays obvious transactional qualities to carry out the acquisitions and sales of players within the framework of the objectives set. He is also the guarantor of the athlete’s financial equilibrium and perfectly masters the legal aspects specific to contracts and their negotiation, ”specifies the boss of OM.

One head of transfers, the “Head of Football”

Above all, the Marseille president sees in the “Head of Football” – in VO in the text – a super sports director who relieves the coach of all responsibility for transfers. The Rudi Garcia episode left traces at the Vélodrome, and even more so the pharaonic contract which it had obtained for the Dutchman Strootman (around 500,000 euros monthly).

“The coach must maintain control over the professional group. The ” Head of Football » must put the coach in the best conditions for success, throughout the season, allowing him to focus completely on the field and his pro group, “says JHE. Explicit lyrics, it looks like in rap. The Olympian trainer Andre Villas-Boas will appreciate, at a time when his future Marseille is not yet assured.

Ditto for the future director of “business”. “It involves recruiting a very experienced manager, endowed with an excellent strategic vision. A leader capable of uniting teams and developing and monitoring everyone’s action plans. A wise manager, who also has an intimate knowledge of the potential of brands and a fine experience of international contexts ”, specifies the Marseilles manager. Charge this two-headed dragon to bring the Olympians to “success”.

Air for Eyraud

According to RMC, this position will not be occupied by Laurent Colette, the current General Manager of the club. This manager, who went through FC Barcelona, ​​will now manage a vast position around the marketing, media and commercial functions. He will be responsible for the international development of the club and will be entrusted with a mission in close collaboration with McCourt Global, the holding company of the American owner of the club Frank McCourt.

Behind the desire to build an organization closer to that of large European football clubs such as Juventus or Bayern, this new organization chart would also aim to allow Eyraud to gain “height”. Still according to RMC, he could then devote himself more diligently to his ancillary activities, notably on the LFP and ECA (European Association of Clubs) Board of Directors.

This restructuring would be the will of the shareholder Frank McCourt, who does not seem to be losing interest in his football club despite the financial crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. While waiting to find the two rare pearls, OM is only offering three internship offers on its LinkedIn profile.


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