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This is an observation that André Villas-Boas has been repeating for weeks. And here again, it is difficult to prove him wrong: the winter transfer window does not really change until the last authorized week of trading. Everyone knows, nobody moved an eyelash when the technician released this sentence in December. However, barely enough time to wish each other a happy new year that all the Marseille supporters switched to the rumor Milik at OM, as if it was going to be imminent. So, of course, there is competition, especially Atletico Madrid who are looking for a player to take over the role of Diego Costa’s understudy, but this may well drag on.

Finally, OM has the means?

As usual, as soon as he was asked about the subject, André Villas-Boas was quite frank on the issue, as you can see in the video. It is an avenue explored, and it is not the only one, but we are not just at the stage of the probe sent, not of the concrete discussion with the club or the player. Obvious thing to deduce, if the track is still relevant, it is good that the Polish striker is not against the principle of playing for OM. Already that. It remains to answer the question “under what conditions”, and that can make all the difference, keep going throughout the month of January. Also be careful, the other sentence repeated all the time by Villas-Boas on this transfer window, is that it will be a “transfer market”, include a window where we will sell players more than buy . What to say that a Milik can arrive only in case of big departures? This would make sense with all the questions of the summer facing the DNCG and then financial fair play. But a few months after having avoided an announced bleeding, OM could again surprise on the transfer market. Like what was done in the Luis Henrique case, where OM released nearly 10 million euros for the operation, there could be a release of Frank McCourt that changes everything. “We’re going to have a conversation with the owner about the January transfer window. To know where we are, where we can get ” confirms AVB.

Longoria must convince McCourt

Obviously, that makes you want to jubilate a little, to shop window, to go to look for possible reinforcements in stables or championships that one did not even dare to look any more. But we must not go so fast. We must first convince McCourt of the interest of such an operation. The American owner operates in stages. There was the famous first envelope to strengthen the team in the short term. Now, he considers that the talent of the staff, coaches and managers, must allow the club to manage its purchases with its sales. A well-known refrain in Marseille. But he does not refrain from certain investments. This was the case with Luis Henrique. Pablo Longoria, who was hired for this, convinced McCourt to invest in Luis Henrique. A talent that would have cost three times as much a few months later, when Juventus would have joined the ranks for example. So Frank signed the check. Seems a bit big to see Longoria begging to get his hands on the pot again when the Brazilian hasn’t shown anything yet? It’s not the same thing. Expectations for Luis Henrique will be next season and this has been incorporated by the American owner from the start. There, it is another type of “good deal” which can be submitted to him. To take the example of Milik, we are talking about a 26-year-old element who was once so good that a club signed him for 30 million euros. Recruiting it for a third of the price, retyping it and reselling it for the initial price in 18 months, it seems largely possible, and as profitable as with a “nugget”. It is in this sense that the meeting of all the parties will be decisive, while André Villas-Boas has been taking care since this summer to directly mention Frank McCourt when it comes to an important decision for the club. But the technician will not take advantage of this privileged relationship to take out the violins, and explain to the owner that only a massive investment can make it possible to return to Lille and Lyon: “Everyone knows our limitation and more or less the crisis that everyone is going through. We have already had a lot of trouble with the bankruptcy of Mediapro, and we cannot spend too much, it is logical. We are not going to save money. management under this kind of pressure. So see what McCourt thinks of the various files on the table.


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