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Wednesday, OM’s defeat against Olympiakos (0-1) revealed a reality that we may have been hiding for several weeks. Indeed, if it had not escaped anyone that the Olympians had been driving under pressure since the start of the season, a few performances such as the victory in Paris, the draw in Lyon or the recent success against Bordeaux were there for reassure us. Basically, OM coughed after a disrupted preparation, like many other teams, but the quality of the workforce, the coach and the state of mind displayed would quickly put us back on the path to victory, in the straight from last season. A fairly legitimate feeling, except that this defeat in Athens puts the finger on an evil a little deeper than expected. Why ? Quite simply because, for such an awaited return to the queen of competitions, OM fell in the face of much stronger than him. A finding all the more worrying as Olympiakos was supposed to be the most affordable opponent of this group C.

OM has indeed been mastered from start to finish by the Greeks on the technical, physical and tactical levels.

Some will recall the enormous opportunity of Benedetto or the narrowness of the score, but it is a sham in a match where OM has indeed been mastered from start to finish by the Greeks on the technical plans, physical and tactical. And all this in a meeting for which the Olympian staff had prepared the team for a long time and which the supporters had been waiting for so many years. All this should make André Villas-Boas and his troops think deeply, and immediately. Indeed, if the goal of getting out of this Pool C suddenly seems very complicated, we must not lose sight of the fact that there is another mission, oh so much more important: that of finishing on the podium at the end of the season. Here too, given the current productions, one wonders how the Olympians can achieve this. This is why Saturday’s meeting in Lorient is of capital importance, because OM must not only win in Brittany, but also raise their level of play by several notches. Two conditions are necessary, but on which we would not bet today, as the Olympians seem in difficulty.

If Payet does not advance, if the Sanson-Rongier duo runs out of battery, they must take a tour of the pit and give way to others

Hence the need for a severe questioning. Analyze the bugs and fix them. We have been talking about the physical condition of the troops for weeks, but Morgan Sanson recently admitted that the preparation had been planned to reach the top for the Champions League. It’s failed, and the staff of OM must do what is necessary to remedy it. We also talked about tactics, with this 4-3-3 poorly suited to the forces present and which must also be put back on the table. As we have seen against Bordeaux, the arrival of a Michaël Cuisance should make it possible to use other paths. Finally, there are these flickering individual shapes that OM no longer has the right to display at the end of October. If Payet does not advance, if the Sanson-Rongier duo runs out of battery, they have to take a tour of the pit and give way to others. This update must take place on Saturday in Lorient, in order to see more clearly. André Villas-Boas may well be protective with those who accompanied him last season, which is to his credit, he can no longer persist in this line while waiting for a wake-up call which we do not know when it will ring. Latecomers must be stung and Villas-Boas must show that he has other strings to his bow. Above all, he should not hope that Lorient, who is already struggling to maintain himself, will be more conciliatory than Olympiakos. In short, there is already an emergency.


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