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In the first three friendlies, André Villas-Boas sent a first tactical signal to OM followers by renewing the 4-3-3 that made the team successful last season. Not really surprising when you know that this has been the Portuguese’s preferential system since the start of his career, whether in Porto, Chelsea, Tottenham and then during his trips to Russia and China. On the other hand, AVB also showed that it would perhaps evolve towards more one-off changes by testing other systems, as against FC DAC (1-2) with the entry of Saïf Khaoui (see the video) in a 4-3-3. “It may not be to start a match, but rather to change during the game if we have to attack a little more, explained the Portuguese technician. I will maybe also try with two attackers”. Hence this questioning about a possible tactical evolution next season.

Sanson’s departure could push AVB to change systems

A priori, we should not expect a big upheaval from Villas-Boas with a workforce that printed this 4-3-3 perfectly well last season. On the other hand, the movements within the team during this summer transfer window would be likely to change the situation. This is what the consultant thinks of Phocean Fabrice Celeschi : “We remain on this basis of 4-3-3 with what we have seen so far in the friendlies, and I think he will continue like that next season. For me, the only condition for a Tactical change would be a sale of Morgan Sanson, which would break the dynamics of the middle of last season. In this case, he could reorganize with two defensive midfielders, with Gueye or Rongier coming to position themselves on the same line as Kamara. This would allow a Payet to enter the axis in number 10 while ensuring a balance against the game and the loss of the ball. On the other hand, if Sanson stays, I do not see Villas-Boas touching his 4-3-3 too much “. Everything is therefore a question of players available, and the transfer window is far from over.

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The possibility of a three-axial defense depending on the opponents

If we talk about changes in the middle, with the possible departure of Sanson and the arrival of Gueye, there are also some in defense with the loan of Leo Balerdi. A priori, the young Argentinian is not expected to start right away, but his arrival could push AVB to use more and more this possibility of a three axial defense, either to be more offensive or, at the contrary, face big teams in the Champions League. It’s more on this side that our consultant Maxence Volpe consider the possibility of a change: “We talk about the risk of Sanson leaving, but with the presence of Strootman and the arrival of Gueye in the workforce, there is enough to keep this 4-3-3 going. On the other hand, the occasional passage to a three axial defense is possible, especially against big teams like Paris or in the Champions League with the temptation to strengthen the defense. It is playable, because Sarr and Amavi are able to work in the corridors. In addition, this system can be also used in matches where OM must force the decision by playing higher, with one more player in the offensive phase “. From this defensive perspective, it will be interesting to observe OM’s tactical movements against Bayern Munich on Friday. The ideal opponent to test the strength of the team, but also its offensive impact. A real warm-up lap for the resumption of competition.


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