OM: Villas-Boas tells about what happened with Sanson and judges Milik’s debut – around OM

Is the crisis deeper?

André Villas-Boas: “First, RMC has direct information from OM. It’s a leak that I’m trying to find. There is no crisis because with the state of mind of the players we were fine, they gave everything and were focused, unfortunately it turned out badly. Because each time we suffer a lot and the confidence leaves us. But I think we will get out of it because the attitude continues to be there, the group is solid and wants some. The guys who came in gave everything, those who were replaced too. We had very bad today with the injury of Rongier. We lost Sanson who did not have the head to play “The club decided to let him go. It’s hard. We made a midfield with Leo and Pape, it worked pretty well but in the second half, we didn’t master the game a bit because of that.” “

You didn’t want Sanson to leave?

“I asked Morgan this morning if he had the head to play, because the offer was on the table. Unfortunately, he said, ‘Mister, honestly this is hard and difficult for me.’ I told him. said that I will leave him out of the match, the concentration left him with the Aston Villa offer. We were already without Bouba, without Rongier, we come without Morgan. But hey, we invented this environment, we had need to get out more of the pressure in the middle, we suffered a bit. Now, I hope to recover Bouba. We have a week of work to at least put Rennes next to us. “

What’s wrong with Rongier?

“Achilles heel tendonitis. He couldn’t run. We tried this morning, he hasn’t trained for the past two days.”

How did you find Rongier’s first steps?

“He did not play in November during his last selection for Poland because he was sidelined at Napoli. We would like not to take any risks because of his lack of rhythm. But we will have a week of work to prepare Rennes , I think we can get him in physical condition to have a little more playing time. That’s the goal, to give him more and more playing time until he is 100% .

Was it difficult for him to come home at that point?

“IIt was a bad time for us because of the balloon circulation in which we had more trouble. I think you’ve all seen his mobility, his physical presence, now we have to give him a little more balls, we find the dynamics just for him so that he can score goals. “


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