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If you had been asked a few weeks ago who to choose between Saïf-Eddine Khaoui, Luis Henrique and Florian Thauvin, you would certainly have thought it was a joke, or an early April Fool’s joke. Yet after OM’s victory against Nice on Wednesday (3-2), there is nothing fanciful about the question. Indeed, without going so far as to qualify this match as a successful performance, it did not escape anyone that the performances of the first two cities, or that of the amazing Bamba Dieng, validated the strong choices of Nasser Larguet against the Eaglets. In this, let us thank the Marseille trainer for having trusted the most fit players, which may seem obvious at first glance, but is not always the case in a football where the statutes often weigh more heavily than reality. of training. A pragmatism to which was the victim Florian Thauvin, admittedly lowered by a crutch, but sitting on the bench watching those that no one expected shine for 70 minutes.

“Nasser had the immense merit of kicking the anthill and the young people gave him change”

In the 4-2-3-1 aligned by Larguet, it is Saîf-Eddine Khaoui who took the place of the world champion, and with the demonstration of the Tunisian international, it is difficult to see the coach asking the latter to return to the bench at La Beaujoire. However, it would be silly to condemn Florian Thauvin for the simple reason that his one-night stand-in shone. But what happened against Nice has the merit of putting certain things in their place. “There has been too much conservatism in this team in recent months, Marseille technician Bernard Rodriguez explains to Phocéen. When there is no competition, incumbents always end up falling asleep, the human being is made like that. Nasser had the immense merit of kicking the anthill and the young people gave him change. I wondered on a recent Talk Show why Khaoui had never been tried and he gave a superb response. The same goes for Luis Henrique and Bamba Dieng. This blow of freshness will have the merit of waking up some, and it is not a punishment for Thauvin, it is even a good thing for him “.

“By putting Thauvin back in for the second time in a row, there is also the risk of losing him until the end of the season”

Indeed, this victory gives an idea of ​​what real top-level football can be, where even the best are not immune. We can even imagine that it can offer OM and Thauvin a great opportunity to bounce back, and this from Saturday in Nantes. “Seen like that, one can think that the logic would be to renew this team which won, but it is more complex than that, explained Rodriguez. Obviously it seems complicated to me to take Khaoui out after what he produced on Wednesday, but he can play perfectly on the left and in that case I wouldn’t be surprised if Thauvin found his right side. It would be all the more credible that Luis Henrique has the perfect profile to set fire in the last half hour if necessary. I don’t want to play diviner, but I can see Nasser doing that in Nantes, without touching the rest of the attack. It should also be noted that Thauvin has his head a little underwater, and that by putting him back as a substitute for the second time in a row, there is the risk of losing him until the end of the season. It would be a shame, because when you look at the ranking, there is still something to play “. Not wrong, especially since Nasser Larguet seems to be a fine psychologist. Place your bets !


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